Jill Wiseman - Jewel School Expert

Jill Wiseman lived a traditional, “8-to-5” corporate existence until a chance encounter with beads in 2001 changed everything. Her black and white world suddenly became full of color and texture, sparkle and shine, and things would never be the same. Before long, Jill couldn’t contain her beady joy another moment and had to share the world of beadweaving with others. She became a full-time beadweaving jewelry designer and teacher in 2004 and has had the pleasure of teaching at national bead shows like Bead&Button and Bead Fest ever since, as well as traveling to bead stores and bead societies for classes full of laughter and bead learning.

She is the author of Jill Wiseman’s Beautiful Beaded Ropes, and was honored to be chosen as one of Beadwork magazine’s ‘Designers of the Year’ for 2013.

Jill makes her home in Austin, Texas, with her mother, as well as two dogs and two cats who only occasionally eat the beads.

Jill Wiseman