Jaimeen Shah - Colored Gemstone Expert

A third generation gemstone dealer, Jaimeen Shah's career in the gem industry began before his birth when his grandfather moved to Mombasa, Kenya, roughly 60 years ago, and started their family-owned company by sourcing and exporting tsavorite rough material. The company later grew to dealing in many other African gems, including tsavorite, tanzanite and rhodolite, among others. Family members moved to Tanzania in the early 2000's to expand the business after export conditions became more favorable and the company quickly became one of the largest suppliers of rough Tanzanian gem material in the world. The company grew further to add a cutting facility in Jaipur, India, which was overseen by Jaimeen's parents and where Jaimeen's first stint in the family business began at the age of 16. After spending summer and winter breaks at the cutting facility, Jaimeen moved to the heart of the tanzanite market, Arusha, Tanzania, after graduating from college. There, he spent another two  years learning another major aspect of the business from his uncle - buying rough material. At the same time, he also worked alongside miners at a tsavorite/chrome tourmaline mine that his family co-owned.

Once fully trained in all aspects of the business, Jaimeen moved to New York, not only becoming the first family salesperson, but helping to oversee all aspects of the sales operations. Today, the family-owned business maintains a buying office in Arusha, a cutting facility in Jaipur, and a sales office the U.S. These facilities give assurance to retailers such as JTV that the gems purchased from Jaimeen's company are sourced directly from the mines and miners in Africa, as well as processed and cut by Jaimeen's company which ensures that no piece of rough has left their possession once purchased.

Jaimeen Shah