Anne Dilker - Jewelry Designer

Anne came to jewelry design via ceramics. A studio potter for 25 years, she started making porcelain beads and pendants in 2005 and has been making beads and designing jewelry ever since.

A need to showcase her beads and pendants in finished pieces inspired her to use kumihimo braiding in her pieces. The interplay between the soft textiles in the braids and the hard surface of the clay created a juxtaposition that she finds appealing.

Anne began teaching kumihimo in 2007 and realized that the answers to many questions from her students were unavailable in print form. This lead to the book Braiding for Beaders which has quickly become the definitive book for jewelry designers who want to use braids. It is a “how to” book for jewelry designers who are interested in learning how to incorporate braids into jewelry designs.

In 2011 she has been working on 2 new booklets for the BeadSmith, one about kumihimo and the other about working with anodized aluminum as well as consulting with them about products and projects specific to kumihimo.

Anne Dilker