Anie Piliguian - Jooltool® Developer

Anie's passion for perfection grew since her early teens as a bench jeweler for her father's renowned business. Having to combine work with homework, she constantly searched for quicker, better and safer ways to get excellent results. Anie's philosophy eventually led to the development of the most innovative polishing and finishing system: The JOOLTOOL®.

The JOOLTOOL® uses its own patented see-through disks to make polishing and finishing easy, fast and safe. Partnering with abrasive giant 3M, the JOOLTOOL® achieves oustanding quality finishes that would satisfy the most discerning jewelry experts. In fact, world famous designers consult with Anie for manufacturing ultra-high-end jewelry lines.Their best kept secret, the JOOLTOOL®, is now available for all artists to enjoy.

Anie Piliguian