How to Make a Simple Cloth Face Mask

Step-by-Step Instructions to Accompany How to Make a Cloth Face Mask Video

Published April 2020
Designed By Ryan-Ashley Anderson

Materials & Tools to Create Your Mask:

  • Neutral sewing thread
  • Thread to match your beads
  • Two, 6x9” pieces of cotton fabric
  • Cutting mat, straight edge, and rotary cutter or sewing scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing pins
  • Seam ripper
  • Disappearing market (optional)
  • Accent seed beads
  • Two 7” pieces of elastic

How To:

  1. (01:05) Cut fabric and stack, making sure right sides are together.
  2. (01:17) Add straight pins around three sides of your fabric rectangles.
  3. (01:58) Cut an arm’s length of neutral thread.
  4. (02:32) Tie knot at one end and thread other end through eye of needle, leaving a tail.
  5. (03:14) Beginning at the corner of one of your three pinned sides, start sewing small stitches, close together, using the basic running stitch.
  6. (07:00) Once complete, tie knot and snip using seam ripper.
  7. (07:50) Turn piece inside out, being sure to poke out corners so they’re not rounded.
  8. (08:55) Create three darts on both short sides of your rectangle. As you create your darts, pin your elastic into the 1st and 3rd dart on both sides so it gets sewn seamlessly into your mask.
  9. (15:50) Using open end of mask, beads, and thread you chose to string your beads, add beads to your design.
  10. (16:35) Tie knot in thread, thread needle, push needle through fabric, add beads, and push needle back through fabric to inside of mask. Push needle back out and tack circle of beads neatly into place to create your own designs or emulate the design printed on your fabric.
  11. (17:54) On each piece of fabric, and folding inward, fold down about 1/2” of fabric and pin in place. This creates a smooth edge on the final edge of your rectangle and prevents fraying.
  12. (18:23) Sew up the remaining open side leaving a little pocket so you can add filtration materials (if desired). Use ladder stitch to finish this edge with invisible stitches.

Pro Tip: To keep your mask sanitary, wash often.

Washing Method #1 - Machine Wash

Add to a laundry/intimates bag and add to your wash, using hot water and antibacterial detergent, or wash by hand.

Washing Method #2 - Hand Wash

To wash by hand, fill sink with hot water and antibacterial detergent. Agitate gently by hand and then soak. Rinse and squeeze (don’t wring) water out. And finally, hang to dry.