How to Make Brazilian Babe Earrings

Published December 2012
Designed By Fernando DaSilva / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Brazilian Babe Earrings


Basic wire work, Beading

Materials & Tools:

40 Swarovski 6mm hyacinth pendants
2 Cubic Zirconia long faceted drops
2 silver plated Victorian 3 to 1 ring connectors
1 pr of silver plated fleur de lis lever backs
16 silver plated 6mm jump rings
6” 22 gauge silver artistic wire
Beadalon Designer Flush Cutters
Designer ergo chain nose pliers
Designer ergo round nose pliers

How To:

1. Cut the 6” wire in half, insert the wire through the hole of the Cubic Zirconia long faceted drop bead, bend both wires up wrap one around the other 1-2 wraps and cut excess, with the remaining wire make a loop with the round nose pliers, cut excess wire and set aside.

2. Open 4 of the 6mm jump rings, string two of the 6mm hyacinth pendants onto each of the rings, use one and attach to the top of the 3 to 1 Victorian connector, attach one on either side of the bottom of the connector (not to the rings) and close, make sure one drop is on the front side and one on the back. Attach the last of these to the bottom ring of the connector, then connect the item made in step 1 to the newly attached ring on the bottom of the connector.

3. Open 4 more of the 6mm jump rings, string three of the 6mm hyacinth pendants onto each of the rings, attach one to the outside portion of the connector, one to the bottom ring, then do the same on the opposite side closing each as you attach it.

4. Open the ring on the Lever back and attach to the ring at the top of the connector.

5. Repeat the 4 steps above to complete the other earring.