saf-ahyuh r

Shanseres® is a new variety of Diopside offered for the first time at Jewelry Television in June of 2007. This type of Diopside is not treated, the color is natural, and unlike our very popular gem Chrome Diopside, Shanseres® has no presence of chromium. The lack of chromium is about the only difference between chrome diopside and Shanseres®.

Shanseres Polished
Shanseres Classification
Common Name Shanseres
Species Diopside
Shanseres Optical Properties
Transparency Opaque-Transparent
Dispersion Strength: Moderate Fire Value: 0.017
Refractive Index 1.664-1.724
Birefringence 0.024- 0.030
Optic Character Biaxial
Optic Sign Positive
Polariscope Reaction Aggregate (AGG), Doubly Refractive (DR)
Fluorescence SWUV: Inert to light bluish white
LWUV: Inert to green
CCF Reaction None
Pleochroism Dichroic, green and yellowish green
Shanseres Characteristic Physical Properties
Hardness 5.5-6.5
Toughness Good
Luster Vitreous
Fracture Conchoidal, Uneven, Brittle
Cleavage Good
Shanseres Chemistry & Crystallography
Chemical Name magnesium silicate hydroxide
Chemical Formula (Mg,Fe2+)3Si2O5(OH)
Crystal System Monoclinic
Chemistry Classification Silicate

Shanseres Colors

  • Green Shanseres Green
  • Green Shanseres Green
  • White Shanseres White
  • Yellow Shanseres Yellow
  • Brown Shanseres Brown
  • Black Shanseres Black
  • Gray Shanseres Gray
  • Colorless Shanseres Colorless

Alternate Names


Countries of Origin

Pakistan; China; Russian Federation (the)


First discovered in the mountains of China along an area that borders the ancient Silk Road. This very popular trading route for gemstones was much challenged by the exploitation in the mountains of Central Asia of semi-precious stones deposits – lapis lazuli, jade, cornelian, turquoise. These stones were highly valued in the East. Thus there existed a "lazurite" road, along which lapis lazuli was delivered from Central Asia to Iran, Mesopotamia and even Egypt. Concurrently, there developed a "jade" road that linked Khotan and Yarkend with the regions of Northern China. Besides, to the countries of eastern Mediterranean the ancient merchants delivered cornelian from Sogdiana and Bactria, and turquoise from Khorezm. All these routes finally formed the Great Silk Road. Because of this important route in the gemstone world the name Shanseres® is derived from “Shan”-a Chinese word meaning mountain and “seres”-a derivative of the Chinese word for silk.


Diopside is moderately soft, so be mindful of scratching. Avoid abrasives and solvents.

More About Shanseres

Shanseres® is also called the “crying gemstone,” because it is believed by crystal healers to heal trauma by bring forth cleansing tears. Shanseres® is assumed to bring creativity to the wearer and is said to be related to love and commitment. Crystal healers believe that, when worn close to the chest (such as a pendant), Shanseres® can benefit the heart, lungs and circulation.

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Tim Matthews

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