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Unusually striking, rhodolite is a naturally occurring blend of almandite and pyrope garnet. While raspberry is the most prized color, rhodolite is also found in shades of pink through lavender, including the ruddy purples of its namesake, the rhododendron flower. Rhodolite is typically found as water-worn pebbles in alluvial deposits, but it is also occasionally mined directly from host metamorphic rock. Tough, durable, never enhanced and easily cleaned, rhodolite is ideal for jewelry. Due to its bright transparent clarity, rhodolite is often cut into fantasy shapes.

Rhodolite Polished
Rhodolite Classification
Common Name Rhodolite
Species Garnet
Rhodolite Optical Properties
Transparency Transparent
Dispersion Strength: Moderate Fire Value: 0.022
Refractive Index 1.750-1.780
Optic Character NA
Optic Sign NA
Polariscope Reaction Singly Refractive (SR) With ADR
Fluorescence SWUV: Inert
LWUV: Inert
Pleochroism None
Rhodolite Characteristic Physical Properties
Hardness 7-7.5
Streak White
Specific Gravity 3.740-3.940 Range:0.1/-0.1 Typical:3.840
Toughness Good
Inclusions Rhodolite garnet is a type II clarity stone. Needle like inclusions, zircon crystals with stain halos and irregular rounded included crystals that might be zircon or apatite.
Luster Vitreous
Stability Good
Fracture Conchoidal
Cleavage None
Rhodolite Chemistry & Crystallography
Chemical Name magnesium iron aluminum silicate
Chemical Formula ((Mg,Fe)3AL2(SiO4)3)
Crystal System Cubic
Chemistry Classification Silicate

Rhodolite Colors

  • Purple Rhodolite Purple

Countries of Origin

Tanzania, United Republic Of; Afghanistan; Sri Lanka; Madagascar; Zambia; Kenya; Thailand; French Polynesia; India; Mozambique; Unknown; China; Brazil; South Africa; Nigeria


So very raspberry you can almost taste it, this garnet ranges in color from intense, make-your-mouth-water shades of reddish-purple to a powerful blush-pink. Add to the delicious color a wonderful wear-ability and you have an exceptional stone. Rhodolite isn't shy. It has color to brag about. You can brag for it - or show it off and simply let its color speak for itself. Believe us; it will!

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