saf-ahyuh r

Literally translating to the 'landscape stone', paesina pietra is an ancient marvel of nature. Created some 40-50 million years ago, picturesque scenes that often mimic those seen in everyday life were formed within limestone rock. Seen in a variety of colors and infinite number of designs, these sedimentary stones were created as the earth shifted, forming fractures in the limestone. Composed primarily of compressed limestone and clay that formed in sea beds, it was the infiltration of iron and manganese hydroxide that created their infinite variety of scenic patterns and array of colors. Paesina pietra has been collected as an object d 'art since the 17th century throughout Europe. Highly regarded as a decorative accent, the stones were displayed prominently in European royal courts, including those of France, Germany and England.

Paesina Rough
Paesina Classification
Common Name Paesina
Species Rock
Paesina Optical Properties
Transparency Opaque
Optic Character NA
Optic Sign NA
Pleochroism None
Paesina Characteristic Physical Properties
Luster Dull
Paesina Chemistry & Crystallography
Crystal System NA
Chemistry Classification Rock

Paesina Colors

  • Black Paesina Black
  • Multi-color Paesina Multi-color
  • Gray Paesina Gray
  • Brown Paesina Brown
  • Blue Paesina Blue
  • Green Paesina Green

Alternate Names

Paesina Pietra , Landscape Stone

Countries of Origin



In the 16th century, the famed Medici family of Florence purchased a quarry that produced a beautiful black variety of this stone. They had slabs of the stone set into furniture and decorative objects. Flemish artists of the period especially liked using the paesina pietra as their canvas for their paintings of people and animals. In the 1900’s, paesina pietra became highly collectible and early furniture designs with these picturesque inlays are still very collectible today.

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