saf-ahyuh r

Moldavite is a silica rich tektite found near the Moldau River in Czechia. Moldavite is a natural glass formed as a result of a meteorite impact with the earth. It was first discovered in the late 1700’s in what was then known as western Moravia. The colors of moldavite range from yellowish green to green and brownish green.

Moldavite Polished
Moldavite Classification
Common Name Moldavite
Species Tektite
Moldavite Optical Properties
Transparency Transparent - Translucent
Refractive Index 1.490 Tolerance: (+0.020/-0.010)
Optic Character NA
Optic Sign NA
Polariscope Reaction Singly Refractive (SR) With ADR
Fluorescence SWUV: Inert
LWUV: Inert
Pleochroism None
Moldavite Characteristic Physical Properties
Hardness 5-5.5
Streak White
Specific Gravity 2.320-2.400 Typical:2.360
Toughness Varies
Inclusions Moldavite often has round and elongated gas bubbles, flow lines and a roiled, cloudy or turbid appearance.
Luster Vitreous
Stability Poor
Fracture Conchoidal
Cleavage None
Moldavite Chemistry & Crystallography
Chemical Name silica
Chemical Formula SiO2 (+A2O3)
Crystal System NA
Chemistry Classification Mineraloid

Moldavite Colors

  • Green Moldavite Green

Alternate Names

Bouteille Stone

Countries of Origin



The site of the meteorite impact that formed moldavite is believed to be the Ries crater in Bavaria, Germany, which is approximately 14.6 million years old.


Normal, gentle care

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More About Moldavite

Many people believe that moldavite is a stone of connectivity, joining the earth and the universe. Others think its mere presence can be life-altering. Historically, it is believed to be an amulet of good fortune, romantic harmony, and fertility, although many other powers are attributed to it. There's no scientific substantiation for the folkloric claims that ascribe powers to moldavite. What do we believe? We believe its lovely green color has the power to please.

Moldavite Gemstone

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