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Kyanite is named for the Greek word for blue, kyanos. And what a blue! Fine Nepali kyanite can resemble the finest sapphire. Kyanite was a gem far better known to mineral collectors until more recent finds in the Kali Gandaki river region of west central Nepal, the first source to produce a significant amount of facet grade kyanite. Prior to the Nepal discoveries, Brazil was a major source of mineral specimen material, but kyanite also occurs in a variety of locations around the world. More recent kyanite discoveries have yielded additional colors, including orange and green.

Kyanite Polished
Kyanite Classification
Common Name Kyanite
Species Kyanite
Kyanite Optical Properties
Transparency Transparent - Translucent
Dispersion Strength: Moderate Fire Value: 0.020
Refractive Index 1.710-1.735 Tolerance: (+0.004/-0.004)
Birefringence 0.012-0.017
Optic Character Biaxial
Optic Sign Positive
Polariscope Reaction Doubly Refractive (DR)
Fluorescence SWUV: Inert
LWUV: Weak red
CCF Reaction None
Pleochroism Trichroic, moderate to strong colorless, dark blue, and violet-blue
Kyanite Characteristic Physical Properties
Hardness 4.5-7
Streak White
Specific Gravity 3.560-3.690 Range:0.01/-0.12 Typical:3.680
Toughness Poor
Inclusions Kyanite displays color zoning often in bands and may appear fibrous. Stones may contain natural inclusions.
Luster Vitreous, Pearly, Greasy
Fracture Uneven
Cleavage Perfect, in one direction, Good, in two directions
Kyanite Chemistry & Crystallography
Chemical Name aluminum silicate
Chemical Formula Al2SiO5
Crystal System Triclinic
Chemistry Classification Silicate

Kyanite Colors

  • Brown Kyanite Brown
  • Orange Kyanite Orange
  • Green Kyanite Green
  • Blue Kyanite Blue
  • White Kyanite White
  • Yellow Kyanite Yellow
  • Pink Kyanite Pink
  • Gray Kyanite Gray

Kyanite Spectra

Kyanite Spectra

Color due to manganese. The spectrum has a distinctive narrow absorption band at 555nm. The color is due to manganese in which case a thinner and more transparent specimen may reveal some lines in the blue - violet. The intensive absorption here in that area did not permit sufficient transmission to detect these

Jewelry Television acknowledges the significant scientific contributions of John S Harris, FGA to the study of gemstone spectra and with deep appreciation to him, acknowledges the use of his images and related notes about gemstones and their spectra in the educational materials on this website.

Alternate Names

Cyanite Or Disthene

Countries of Origin

Kazakhstan; Portugal; Greece; Austria; Mongolia; Korea (the Republic of); Morocco; Unknown; Brazil; Slovenia; Nepal; Colombia; Ecuador; Argentina; United States of America (the); Hungary; Japan; Ukraine; Zambia; Mauritius; Bolivia (Plurinational State of); India; New Zealand; Canada; Turkey; Namibia; Finland; Italy; South Africa; Antarctica; Ethiopia; Germany; Tanzania, United Republic Of; Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of); Afghanistan; Viet Nam; Czechia; Egypt; Somalia; Madagascar; Sweden; Pakistan; China; Ireland; Russian Federation (the); Poland; Sudan (the); Slovakia; Bulgaria; France; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the); Romania; Sri Lanka; Kenya; Switzerland; Netherlands (the); Spain; Cuba; Liberia; Bangladesh; Burkina Faso; Norway; Botswana; Zimbabwe; Suriname; Israel; Australia; Greenland; Tajikistan


The kyanite name comes from the Greek word, kyanos, which means "blue". The bright, cornflower-like color transforms an ordinary piece of jewelry into a statement-making display. Although the earliest kyanite on the market was primarily blue, discoveries of green and orange material have expanded color choices in this gemstone. Kyanite has a hardness from 4 ½ - 7 on the Mohs scale and has perfect cleavage. For the lapidary (stone cutter), this poses a real challenge. Kyanite has a 4 ½ to 5 mohs hardness parallel to its long axis and 6-7 perpendicular to the long axis. Kyanite has heat resistant properties and most of kyanite that is mined for industrial use. Kyanite is used in bricks, casting molds and porcelain used as insulators and bathroom fixtures.


Be mindful of cleaning and storing this lovely stone. Avoid ultra-sonic cleaners. A dip in warm, sudsy water and a soft brush will keep your kyanite looking its best. Carefully store kyanite when you aren't wearing it.

More About Kyanite

It's believed by some people that kyanite calms the mind and spirit and brings tranquility. For an intensely blue stone, that certainly makes sense, since blue is thought to be a calming color. It's also believed that kyanite doesn't hold negativity. Instead, it aligns all chakras, is said to provide balance, and stimulates self-expression. Many find it to be a fine meditation stone. The folkloric attributes of kyanite are not supported by science. We can't affirm anything about the mind and spirit, but we think you'll enjoy your kyanite for its tranquil, blue color.

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