saf-ahyuh r

Grossularite Polished
Grossularite Classification
Common Name Grossularite
Species Garnet

Grossularite Colors

  • Brown Grossularite Brown
  • Yellow Grossularite Yellow
  • Green Grossularite Green
  • Red Grossularite Red
  • White Grossularite White
  • Gray Grossularite Gray
  • Black Grossularite Black

Grossularite Spectra

Grossularite Spectra

Color mainly due to manganese. Absorption in the areas around 505nm. and 527nm. General absorption of the yellow

Jewelry Television acknowledges the significant scientific contributions of John S Harris, FGA to the study of gemstone spectra and with deep appreciation to him, acknowledges the use of his images and related notes about gemstones and their spectra in the educational materials on this website.

Countries of Origin

Tanzania, United Republic Of; Canada; Pakistan; Mali; Sri Lanka; Kenya

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Material Combination

Mali Garnet

Mali garnet is one of the latest discoveries in the garnet family. This attractive and very interesting rare mixture of andradite and grossular was only discovered in late 1994 at the Sandar Mine in Mali's Kayes region (Diakon Arrondissement). Extremely rare, Mali garnets are a bright, uniform light yellowish green color.

Mali Garnet Grossularite
Mali Garnet Classification
Common Name Mali Garnet
Mali Garnet Optical Properties
Refractive Index 1.752-1.779
Fluorescence SWUV: Inert
LWUV: Inert
Mali Garnet Characteristic Physical properties
Specific Gravity 3.64
Inclusions Many Mali garnet stones are inclusion free but sometimes small mineral crystals and fingerprints are found along with parallel growth planes.
Stability Good
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