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Enstatite normal color range includes shades of green to brownish green, yellow green, yellow to brown, orange to reddish brown, and rarely colorless. This gem has been identified in meteorites, and is believed to be one of the early stages of crystalline silicate formation in space.

Enstatite Polished
Enstatite Classification
Common Name Enstatite
Species Enstatite
Enstatite Optical Properties
Transparency Transparent - Opaque
Dispersion Strength: Weak Fire Value: 0.010
Refractive Index 1.663-1.673
Birefringence 0.008-0.011
Optic Character Biaxial
Optic Sign Positive
Polariscope Reaction Doubly Refractive (DR)
Fluorescence SWUV: inert
LWUV: inert
Pleochroism Trichroic, strong pinkish red to brown, green, and yellow
Enstatite Characteristic Physical Properties
Hardness 5-6
Streak White
Specific Gravity 3.230-3.400 Typical:3.250
Toughness Poor
Inclusions Cat's-eye enstatite will have black needle-like inclusions.
Luster Vitreous
Fracture Uneven
Cleavage Good, in one direction
Enstatite Chemistry & Crystallography
Chemical Name magnesium silicate
Chemical Formula Mg2Si2O6
Crystal System Orthorhombic
Chemistry Classification Silicate

Enstatite Colors

  • Colorless Enstatite Colorless
  • Brown Enstatite Brown
  • Green Enstatite Green
  • Brown Enstatite Brown
  • White Enstatite White
  • Gray Enstatite Gray

Enstatite Spectra

Enstatite Spectra

The dark reddish brown alpha ray is seen here to absorb almost all light up to about 490nm. The sharp line at 506nm. is strong and broad and the narrow band at 548nm. is pronounced.

Enstatite Spectra

Color due to iron. In the darker brown stone’s lines may be seen in the green and blue areas of the spectrum. However, in the paler brownish yellow variety usually the narrow diagnostic line at 506nm. is the only line seen

Enstatite Spectra
ENSTATITE (Unpolarized)

Color due to iron. Here we can just make out the strong broad band centered at 425nm. which cuts off transmission about 430nm. The next visible strong narrower band appears at 449nm. followed by two vague weak bands in the blue before the strong sharp line at 506nm. Beyond this in the green is an indication of a very faint line at 548nm.

Enstatite Spectra

Color due to iron. A strong sharp single line at 506nm. in the blue green is seen here in this attractive bright orange variety of enstatite. There are several other bands that maybe seen though relatively weak and vague. Some faint lines may be seen in the blue, but these are best seen in the darker brown varieties

Enstatite Spectra
ENSTATITE ( γ ray)

The paler brownish green gamma ray allows more transmission in the violet - blue area to reveal the bands in the blue before the strong sharp line at 506nm. and very faint absorption in the green at 548nm. Another very weak narrow line can be seen at 502nm. close to the strong sharp line at 506nm. which may also be accompanied by another line on the long wave side line at 509nm in darker stones.

Jewelry Television acknowledges the significant scientific contributions of John S Harris, FGA to the study of gemstone spectra and with deep appreciation to him, acknowledges the use of his images and related notes about gemstones and their spectra in the educational materials on this website.

Alternate Names

Bronzite If It Has Fibrous Inclusions, Hypersthene

Countries of Origin

Tanzania, United Republic Of; Myanmar; Norway; Sri Lanka; Brazil; Kenya; India

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