How-To: GemVue 100mm Digital Gauge

Published: February 2013

The GemVue™ 100mm Digital Gauge can be used to take four kinds of readings:
1. Outside Measurements
2. Inside Measurements
3. Depth Measurement
4. Step measurement


Measuring Range: Zero to 100mm or 3/4 of an inch
Resolution: 0.01mm or .0001 inches
Power Source: One 1.5V battery, or LR44

Features of the Digital Caliper:

•Zero out or Tare the caliper in any position
•Convert between millimeter and inch measurements instantly by simply pushing the MM/INCH button

Before Using Your Digital Caliper:

•Clean the surface of the slider and all measuring faces with a clean, dry cloth.
•Loosen the locking screw, move the display and slider assemble, and ensure the LCD and all buttons work properly.
•To avoid damage to the calipers electronics, do not apply voltage on any part of the digital caliper or engrave it with an electric pen. This will short out the circuit board inside your digital gauge.
•Zero Out or Tare the unit until it read 0.00mm or 0.000in.

gemvue digital gauge

Taking a Measurement:

•Press the On/Off button to turn on the caliper.
•Press the MM/INCH button to select the desired mode.
•Loosen the locking screw.
•Move the slider until the two external measuring faces touch gently.
•Press the ZERO button to set the caliper to zero
•Place gemstone on a flat surface
•Close the external measuring faces to fit snugly against the gemstone, keeping the caliper in the same plane as the stone.
•Read the measurement on the LCD display


Three Types of Measurements:

•Internal Measurement
•Depth Measurement
•Step Measurement

Replacing the Battery:

An abnormal display or no display indicates a weak battery, To replace it:
1.Open the battery cover with your right thumb and push away from your body
2.Remove old battery
3.Insert new 1.5V LR44 battery with the positive side facing OUT.

Troubleshooting your Digital Gauge:

Problem: Flashing Digits Possible Cause: Low Voltage Solution: Replace Battery
Problem: No Display Possible Cause: Low Voltage, Poor Contact Solution: Replace Battery, Adjust and clean battery seat
Problem: LCD display doesnt change when slide is moved Possible Cause: Circuit miscommunication Solution: Remove battery, Allow one minute for the circuit to reset. Replace battery

gemvue digital gauge holding a gemstone

gemvue digital gauge

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