JTV Goes to London for the 2012 Gem-A Conference

Published on JTV.com: November 2012
A Personal Perspective on Travelling with Co-Founder Jerry Sisk
By: Tim Matthews, CEO & President

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As we left Tower Hill, the eerie lights reminded us of the history of this place of royalty where kings and queens had lived and died. In this photograph of Tower Hill, one can see that the large defensive moat around the exterior ring of defensive walls no longer contains water. When it did, however, we understand from our guide that the moat’s design was defective to the point of collecting waste from the River (instead of allowing fresh water to circulate around) with the effect of becoming putrid and having an awful stench. The ambiguity of smell and sense, knowing some of the awful executions that also took place on Tower Hill and the brutal torture that occurred in its chambers, provided a stark contrast to the Crown Jewels, a kind of intellectual inflection point that caused me to reflect on the ambiguity of the moment.

Jerry and I headed out from Tower Hill for our last night in London and we landed up on Canary Wharf at Royal China for a fabulous Chinese meal. Canary Wharf also provided a modern visual contrast to all of the historic landmarks we had visited during our trip, boasting a vibrant financial district and an impressive skyline of towering office buildings.

Our trip had truly been a wonderful experience, successful in bringing to our friends and delegates at Gem-A a greater understanding of who Jewelry Television is, and why we play an important role of leadership in the gemstones industry, while learning from our colleagues and enjoying the environs of a marvelous city.