JTV Goes to London for the 2012 Gem-A Conference

Published on JTV.com: November 2012
A Personal Perspective on Travelling with Co-Founder Jerry Sisk
By: Tim Matthews, CEO & President

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Just across from St. James Park is one of my favorite destinations, the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. Sir Winston Churchill is one of my favorite leaders because of his dedicated passion for saving England in perhaps the worst crisis of modern times. The Cabinet War Rooms, comprising the wartime bunker used by Churchill and his cabinet in World War II, depict the stark reality of conducting the business of government during a war for the very survival of the country. This somber destination is a no-frills network of rooms with essential quarters, offices and communications gear used by Churchill to command the war effort underground. As a reminder of those difficult times, visitors to London will find memorials throughout the city, like the Cenotaph flanked by royal flags.

Continuing down Whitehall I passed by Downing Street, hoping for a peek at the door to #10 but learning that the street has recently been secured by heavy iron gates and not easily accessed by visitors. Just past Downing Street, however, I saw a crowd assembled for pictures around the horse guards. From there it was a short distance to Trafalgar Square marked by its iconic monument to Lord Nelson.