JTV Goes to London for the 2012 Gem-A Conference

Published on JTV.com: November 2012
A Personal Perspective on Travelling with Co-Founder Jerry Sisk
By: Tim Matthews, CEO & President

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Travelling abroad with Jerry Sisk is fun! My good friend and a Jewelry Television co-founder, Jerry Sisk, was a delightful travel companion as we ventured abroad to London, England, for a conference sponsored by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (also known as "Gem-A").

What a unique opportunity I experienced to travel with a world-recognized expert in the gem world and to engage with other professionals and experts in the trade, all in the beautiful venue of London!

While Gem-A is based in England and some in the United States may not be familiar with Gem-A, many would be surprised to learn that Gem-A is the worlds longest established provider of gem and jewelry education, since 1908. Gem-A offers diplomas in Gemmology and Diamonds through courses taught around the world and recipients enjoy global recognition of the status that these diplomas confer. Those receiving diplomas after rigorous course work and laboratory examinations may apply for election to Fellowship (FGA) or Diamond Membership (DGA) of Gem-A.

So, what's Jewelry Television's relationship with Gem-A? Apart from our employees having earned FGA or DGA status with Gem-A, Jewelry Television enjoys a unique relationship as the sole retailer of the GemBasics course on colored gemstones that leads to recognition as a Gem-A Colored Stone Associate (C.S.A.). GemBasics is a great way to learn about gemstones, whether as a hobby or the start of a new career. Gem-A developed this course in conjunction with Jewelry Television to appeal to the large number of our customers who seek fresh and reliable gemological education. For more information, you can learn more details about the Gem-A Course here.

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