Sky Blue Topaz

Published: August 2011

Sky blue topazs clear, clean and delicate color is reminiscent of the sky on a cloudless day. Sky blue is a favorite color for those who love light colors and airy spaces which makes this topaz a popular gemstone.

Trade names associated with blue topaz include sky blue, swiss blue and London blue. These names refer to the color range of the gemstone, with sky blue being the lightest in color and London blue the darker color.

Without a doubt, sky blue topaz is one of the most affordable of all gemstones in todays world. Its pleasing, spirit-lifting pastel blue color gives you the look of aquamarine but with a more affordable price tag.

Beginning life as a colorless topaz, sky blue topaz is the result of modern technology meeting Mother Nature. In the 1970s, gem dealers learned that they could treat white topaz by exposing it to radiation and then heat. What was originally a colorless gem then turned the blue of aquamarine.

When blue topaz first appeared on the market, the new innovative gem was sold at rather steep prices. Fortunately, as more dealers figured out how to produce the color, production expanded and prices dropped to their affordable levels today.

One of the birthstones for December, sky blue topaz is said to help with ones concentration. When given as a gift, it symbolizes eternal love. It is also the anniversary gem for the fourth year of marriage.

While Brazil is the chief source for most topaz today, it is also found in Australia, China, Madagascar, Mexico, Burma, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the U.S. and Zimbabwe.

three light blue topaz gems