How-To: Set Gemstones in Jewelry Settings

Modified: April 2011
by Tammy Jones AJP, Pearls Graduate (GIA)

Snap-Set and Gem-Tite Settings

Place your stone top down.
Gently push the setting down over your gemstone.
Hold your bezel setting face down.
Tighten prongs with pliers.

1. Place your stone top down on a flat, firm, smooth, clean surface.

2. Position the casting over the stone, perpendicular to the surface it rests on.

3. Gently push the setting down over your gemstone. The prongs will open slightly to accept the stone and then snap closed to hold it securely. If your stone is calibrated, it should fit the Snap-Set or Gem-Tite setting perfectly.

4. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, gently tighten the two prongs opposite each other at the same time. Be sure to place the pliers carefully and put pressure directly on the prongs and not the stone itself so you don't scratch or crack it.

Bezel Settings

1. Hold your bezel setting face down.

2. Drop or insert your stone face down into the setting.

3. Bezels have "tabs" instead of prongs on the sides of the setting. Gently press these tabs down over your stone, working the tabs two at a time in pairs opposite each other to ensure your stone will not appear off balance or crooked.

4. If the stone is hand-cut, the stone size may not be exact, so you may need to tighten the tabs or prongs more or use the next available size casting. Test your new piece of jewelry to ensure each stone is tight and set properly.

Basket and Castlite Settings

1. Place your stone inside the casting face up.

2. Holding the casting firmly, gently push the two prongs opposite each other one at a time with a pair of needle-nose pliers to tighten the fit.

3. Test your new piece of jewelry to ensure each prong is tight and your stone is set properly.


Note: If you do not feel confident enough to try this yourself, please have a professional jeweler set your stones.

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