Chrome Diopside Market Report

Published September 2021

Chrome diopside is a highly sought after and very valuable gemstone only found in one place in the world, due to a unique geological occurence. The rarity and limited availability of this gorgeous green gem make it extremely desirable, however the supply may be uncertain in the near future due to several factors listed below. JTV is proud to be able to continue to provide chrome diopside at this time and will continue to go directly to the source to bring you the most up-to-date information on one of the world’s most limited and unique gems.

Lack of Mining in Siberia

In August 2021, JTV had the privilege to be able to speak to the mine owner of the only commercially viable source of chrome diopside in the world. The mine owner confirmed there was no mining in 2020 and mining in 2021 is still very limited.

chrome diopside gemstones

Limited Availability

Chrome diopside in commercial quantities is sourced in Russia. Extreme Siberian weather means conditions prohibit mining for nine months each year. Tunnel or underground mining shutdown 15 years ago. Now, surface or open-pit mining is the method in use today.


The majority of Russian chrome diopside is highly included and unsuitable for use in jewelry. Of the rough material retrieved from the mine, or the rough yield: 

  • 80% is sand.
  • 5-10% is non-facet grade, just usable as souvenir spheres or tabletop specimens.
  • 0.1-0.15% is gem quality and usable in faceting loose gems and jewelry.
chrome diopside specimen

Consumer Awareness and Trends

Chrome diopside is sought after as a gem in its own right and is being marketed as such. The intensity of color makes chrome highly desirable in the Chinese market and colored gems are highly sought after by consumers since economic conditions in China have changed and there is more disposable income in China than ever before.


Chrome diopside is one of the best values in the world of green gemstones today and JTV will continue to bring the highest quality of this natural, unenhanced treasure to our customers as long as it is available. Browse JTV's selection of chrome diopside jewelry.

chrome gemstone