Garnet: January's Birthstone

Modified: April 2011
by Jerry Sisk, GG; Co-Founder, Jewelry Television®

While most people born in January think of that "brownish red" gem as their birthstone, there is actually a wide, colorful world of garnets awaiting them.

Did you know that garnets come in every color of the rainbow? They do, and you will find most of those colors at Jewelry Television®.

Green Garnets: Tsavorite and Demantoid

Do you enjoy rich greens? Then you need to consider tsavorite garnet or even the rare and exotic demantoid garnet. Tsavorite has the richness and beauty of emerald while fine demantoids can have the luster and fire of diamond! Both are exciting alternatives to the traditional color that everyone usually associates with the January birthstone.

Yellow Garnets: Andradite and Hessonite

While andradite garnet is most widely known for the variety demantoid, it can also be found as a bright yellow gem sometimes referred to as topazolite. Likewise hessonite garnets, which are most well known for their cinnamon red color, can also be found in attractive yellow colors.

Orange Garnets: Spessartite and Mandarin Garnet

If you enjoy warm colors, then you might want to consider the orange to reddish-orange spessartite garnet. The orange variety, also known as Mandarin garnet, is highly prized and spectacular to behold; yet affordable. Either loose or set in jewelry, spessartite is certain to bring a smile to that special person in your life.

Reddish Purple and Pink Garnets: Rhodolite Garnet

Whether treating yourself or selecting that special gift for another, always consider the stunning reddish-purple to violet or pink variety of garnet called rhodolite, a truly exciting member of this large and colorful family of gems.

Blue Garnet: Blue color change Garnet

The newest color to garnets palette is blue. Recently discovered in Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania, these garnets change from blue in fluorescent or daylight equivalent light to a deep reddish purple in incandescent light. They are a phenomenal addition to any collection!

If you love garnet and want more variety--or would like to get acquainted with this many- splendored stone for the first time--then take advantage of our fantastic values and excellent selection at Jewelry Television®. You are certain to learn something in the process!

Alternative January Birthstone: Rose Quartz

The romantic pink hues of rose quartz qualify this gemstone as an alternative birthstone for January. To read more about quartz varieties, including amethyst and citrine gems, click here.