All About Peridot: August's Birthstone

Published: April 1, 2011
Modified: September 9, 2020

by Kyra Hensley

What is Peridot?

Perdiot, the birthstone for August, truly shines in the name given by the Egyptians: The Gem of the Sun. Others have called it “the evening emerald,” for the way peridot seems to shine in the darkness. Peridot’s energetic color, incredible origins, and great prices make this gemstone a perfect addition to any collection.

All About August's Birthstones! (source: JTV YouTube)

Peridot FAQ

Here are answers to more frequently asked questions about August's birthstone:

What color is August's birthstone?

Peridot only comes in green, but we’re not complaining. The color of peridot varies from yellowish-green to dark olive. It all depends on iron content within the individual gemstone. The more iron in the peridot, the darker it will be. A yellow tint of peridot gives it spring-time vibrancy, while darker olive stones radiate sophistication and longevity. 

The name “olivine” is mentioned with peridot, but peridot is simply gem-quality olivine. Olivine that isn't gem quality can have a greenish tint to it, but usually mixed in with browns and greys. 

What is the spiritual meaning of peridot?

When set in gold jewelry settings, it’s said that peridot becomes a talisman to destroy night terrors and to endow strength to the wearer. Egyptian priests lined their ceremonial goblets with peridot. Isis, one of their goddesses, is connected with peridot and is known for magical healing. For this reason, Egyptians believed that drinking from a peridot-lined goblet could heal.

A major connection to the spiritual meaning of peridot is friendship. Peridot is said to bring peace to relationships as well as helping maintain and mend friendships. The cool colors of this gemstone also encourage relaxation and soothe anger. Looking into peridot is said to help when processing thoughts and feelings, encouraging kindness and understanding. 

Where is peridot found?

Peridot is found in numerous places all over the earth. Arizona is the main source of peridot today, but that hasn’t always been the case. Other countries around the world have peridot mines too, such as Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, China, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

Most gemstones form in the Earth’s crust, but peridot is not like most gemstones. Peridot forms in the mantle of the earth’s core, from 20 to 55 miles beneath the earth’s crust. Shifts in the earth’s crust push peridot closer to the surface, where it can be mined and cut into gemstones. 

And not all peridot lies deep within the Earth. There are only a few places in the world that can boast of green sand beaches: Hawaii, Guam, Norway, and Floreana Island in the Galapagos. These sands aren’t gem-quality peridot. But it’s made of the same substance, olivine, which still has that lovely green tint.

Are peridots valuable?

The value of peridot can vary from gemstone to gemstone. Clarity, cut, and color all play a part in finding the right price for peridot. Per carat, the price can span from $25-$500 dollars. Stones that are the closest to pure green tend to be more desired, thus more expensive. Peridot that have brown or yellow hints to them tend to be valued at lower prices, making them more affordable. 

What are the different species of peridot?

Peridot can be found in many places around the globe, but some of these locations have enough of a reputation to earn a title. Here's a few of the types of peridot we think are worth knowing about:

  • Ludwigite peridot- This type of peridot can have many inclusions and needles, but it contributes to the beauty of this peridot in a strange way. While it isn't as clear as other peridot may be, there’s something fascinating about how these magnesium rich needles alter the transitional green of peridot. 
  • Manchurian peridot- Found in the Manchuria region of northern China, this type of peridot has also been known as Changbai peridot, named after the mountain range in which it is found. This peridot is green like all other peridot but has lime-colored flashes of light when examined. 

Did you know...

some peridot is out-of-this-world? Pallasite meteorites that have fallen to earth have peridot inside of them. These “space gems” are exceptionally rare. They’re also very small, because the sheer force of their impact on earth breaks the formations apart.

Peridot Gemstone Properties

For more facts and information about the characteristics of the August birthstone, check out the Peridot Gemopedia page.

Uncut Peridot
Uncut Peridot

Physical Properties of Peridot

Peridot is a type II clarity stone with a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale. Peridot is also an idiochromatic stone. Simply put, that means that the color of peridot is determined by chemical structure, not impurities. 

Healing Properties and Benefits of Peridot

Peridot is said to heal many things, but its key healing component is how it cleanses. This gorgeous green stone repels the negative feelings that cause you to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and not yourself. In doing so, the positive vibes take their rightful place in your heart, mind, and your personal relationships. 

Peridot is a gemstone that is also great for recentering your focus. Studying the apple-green hue of peridot is said to help you re-energize your mind and find the clarity to keep moving forward, step by step. 

Peridot: Raw Gemstone Before and After (source: JTV YouTube)

Did you know...

Cleopatra's famed "emerald" collection was most likely peridot? Modern science has revealed that these stones were often confused, but the impresssiveness of her collection hasn't changed a bit. 

Peridot Birthstone Jewelry and Gifts

If you love peridot and want more variety, or would like to get acquainted with this gemstone for the first time, then take advantage of the fantastic values and excellent selection from JTV's Birthstones by Month Jewelry Guide.

Peridot Gems and Jewelry
Peridot Gems and Jewelry

Peridot August Birthstone Jewelry Buyers' Guide

Look out for this one-of-a-kind green gemstone! 

Shopping for the perfect jewelry for your summer birthday vibes has never been easier when you shop JTV. From necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings, we’re confident we’ve got something to help you “go green” with your style. Tranquil yet energizing, peridot gifts are the perfect pick-me-up for that special someone on their special day. 

Peridot Jewelry - JTV Wear It With Style (source: JTV YouTube)

More Peridot Gift Ideas

Precious peridot is worthy of any collection, whether or not you can claim peridot as your birthstone. With its calming green hue, peridot is the perfect gemstone for maintaining peace and balance in your life and with what you wear. Shop all peridot gemstone jewelry to find the bling that matches your needs.

Did you know...

the world’s largest peridot  is 311.7 carats? This gorgeous gemstone was found on Zagbargad Island in Egypt and is now a part of the Smithsonian Museum’s collection.


August Birthstone Alternatives

We know it’s not always easy being green, so here’s some other birthstone options. Spinel and sardonyx are great options to change up your look, while still celebrating your birth month. Spinel comes in every color of the rainbow and in black, for a simple style addition. Sardonyx has a layered look that adds texture and intrigue to any outfit.

For all of your August birthstone needs, JTV has you covered.


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