Breathe new life into your wardrobe and accessorize any look with bracelets in simple and subtle styles or dazzling and dramatic designs. Wrap your wrists in beautiful bracelets that go from day to night and work for every occasion in between. 

Perfect Fit & Fashion

Beautiful on their own or as a layered look, bolo bracelets are the ideal adjustable and versatile piece of jewelry for a trend-setting style.

Game, Set, Sophistication

Go for a classic and timeless look with a sparking tennis bracelet, featuring a radiant row of diamonds or your favorite gemstones.

Stack up the Style

Make a bold statement with multiple bangle bracelets or mix and match metals for your own one-of-a-kind look. 

Go Off The Cuff

Customize your jewelry collection with a cuff bracelet in styles ranging from sleek shapes to unique and modern designs.

Simple Tips to Start Stacking

Learn how to stack your favorite bracelets for your own balanced and blended look!

Add dazzle to any day and dress up your look with bracelets that express your individual style and complement your jewelry wardrobe.  With designs ranging from simple to spectacular, bracelets can either be a subtle addition to your look or give your outfit a dramatic finish depending on how you choose to style them. Decorate your wrist with a diamond bracelet for the perfect touch of style and sophistication. For a more daring punch, accessorize your look with bracelets that make a statement or bracelets with eye-catching effects to give your wrist some pizzazz. 

There are endless options for choosing, styling and wearing different types of bracelets, but where do you start? Have a little fun with mixing, matching and stacking your bracelets and bangles to complete your look. Here at JTV, we have everything you need to expand your bracelet selection and learn about which bracelet combinations work best for you.

What are Bolo Bracelets?

Bolo bracelets are making a big comeback and have perfect staying power. This trend-setting style features adjustable sliding clasps which can be fitted to anyone’s wrist.  Just expand the chain to slip the bracelet over your hand, then pull it around your wrist to the tightness you desire. The Bolo jewelry style was inspired by the western “bolo tie’, a thin looped cord secured with a decorative clasp.

How Did the Tennis Bracelet Get its Name?

The name Tennis Bracelet has come to symbolize a classic and elegant chain bracelet containing many small gemstones, usually diamonds, linked together. This traditional piece of jewelry got its name from when professional tennis champion Chris Evert lost her designer diamond tennis bracelet during a match. She paused the match until the bracelet was found and the style quickly became popular and remains an iconic accessory today.

How Should I Stack or Mix and Match Bangle Bracelets?

Bangle bracelets are the best and easiest way to express your individual style and have different looks for different occasions. Slip on a stack of bangles for an instant statement or mix and match metals or gemstone bracelets for a one-of-a-kind look that’s uniquely yours. Go with what feels good to you. We think there’s never too many bangles or too much bling!

How Long Have Cuff Bracelets Been Around and How Do I Wear One?

A cuff bracelet is defined by its shape with an opening that allows you to slip the bracelet over your wrist, without the use of clasps. Cuff bracelets have been around since the early Egyptian era when the design of the bracelet represented social class and rank within a family. Intricate and detailed cuffs were also worn by Greek and Roman soldiers. These bracelets are still seen as a powerful and strong fashion accessory due to their bold look and layering options.