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Light up your look with the brilliant beauty and affordable luxury of Bella Luce® fine jewelry. Meaning “beautiful light” in Italian, Bella Luce features gorgeous man-made gemstones in sparkling styles designed to dazzle and delight. Enjoy believable looks at unbelievable prices!

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Bella Luce
Jewelry in White

Create your own style and complement any outfit or occasion with the clean and classic look of Bella Luce jewelry in white.

Colors of Bella Luce

Brighten your day and your wardrobe with Bella Luce jewelry in a rainbow of captivating colors and standout styles for any season.

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From the Italian words meaning "beautiful light," Bella Luce® jewelry is Jewelry Television's exclusive line of fine jewelry featuring the most dazzling man-made gemstones in the world. Explore jewelry designs that complete your every look and meet your every need.

Bella Luce Jewelry in White

Discover the sparkle with white Bella Luce jewelry! This stunning jewelry is the perfect combination of fire and brilliance that you don't want to miss out on. Affordable luxuries with unmatched beauty and on-trend style is exactly what you get with white Bella Luce jewelry from JTV. White is a simple yet stunning hue, so it's a gorgeous color for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Colors of Bella Luce

Explore a rainbow of possibilities with enchanting colors from Bella Luce. These colorful gemstone looks bring beauty, style and sparkle to every single outfit. Adding a pop of color to your outfit is never a bad thing. No matter what your favorite color is, we have the bright and brilliant Bella Luce pieces that your jewelry collection has been missing.

Bella Luce Brands

Charles Winston

Speaking to the celebrity in every woman, the Charles Winston for Bella Luce® collection delivers glamour day and night. A fourth-generation jeweler, Charles Winston creates lavish diamond looks inspired by the exquisite platinum and diamond jewelry designed by his family for the rich and famous. Offering Bella Luce® diamond and gemstone simulants, Charles Winston creates elegance any woman can afford. Every piece is marked with the "CW" signature and is available in Eterno™ or sterling silver.

Vanna K

You will find nothing short of luxurious, sophisticated and elegant with the exclusive collection of Vanna K jewelry. If your style is all about femininity, this collection is exactly what you need. From pendants to brooches, these Vanna K designs will add a touch of class to any and every outfit.

Bella Luce Luxe

If you thought Bella Luce® jewelry couldn't get any better, then look no further for guaranteed sparkle. The Bella Luce Luxe collection takes these pieces to the next level with luxurious looks that shine all on their own.

Bella Luce Esotica

Fall in love with Bella Luce's rainbow of colors! These beautifully hand-crafted gemstones will light up every room you walk into and radiates red carpet glamour for the everyday wardrobe. Feel like the queen you are with elegant looks at affordable prices.

Bella Luce Dillenium

Only seen in high-end diamonds, this light-catching cut with 100 precision facets is available exclusively in Bella Luce® jewelry. Boasting 42 facets more than a standard round brilliant cut, Bella Luce® Dillenium offers the ultimate in fire and brilliance with high-end precision at affordable pricing. Bella Luce Dillenium is available exclusively at JTV.