How to Use the Jewelry Love Cleaning System

Published: May 2019

Edited: August 2021

Clean with Jewelry Love

It’s important to keep your jewelry clean so it can look its best for any occasion. JTV loves helping its customers enjoy their jewelry as much as possible and offers these quick and easy tips for how to clean jewelry and protect it from damage with specialty cleaning products designed to make you and your jewelry shine.

Cleaning jewelry is a two-step process of cleansing and polishing. You just need the right tools for each, and our Jewelry Love products offer everything you need to keep your jewelry sparkling. Many gemstones require special care, so please check our Gemstone Enhancement and Care Chart before cleaning for more information and details.

Complete jewelry cleaning care system

Complete Jewelry Care System

The Jewelry Love Fine Jewelry Care System contains two liquid cleaning products, a Fine Jewelry Cleaner and a Gentle Jewelry Cleaner, plus a professional polishing cloth that can easily clean anything in your jewelry wardrobe.

The Jewelry Love Fine Jewelry Cleaner is perfect for cleaning metals and harder gemstones, such as diamonds, giving them the dazzle they deserve. A quick, two-minute soak in our cleaner will remove any build-up of grime and oils, bringing back all the sparkle and beauty.

When washing more delicate fashion jewelry, The Jewelry Love Gentle Jewelry Cleaner makes cleaning a breeze. It is safe for all types of jewelry, including delicate pearls and plated pieces. Just soak or wipe down with a soft cloth wet with the formula and see the dazzling results on your fashion jewelry.


 Jewelry cleaning care system

Foaming Jewelry Cleaning System

This two-step jewelry care system is designed to clean and polish your favorite jewelry with ease.
The Jewelry Love Foaming Jewelry Cleaner makes removing grime and oils from your jewelry simple and fun. Just pump the foaming cleanser into the cap and place your jewelry in for a quick soak, and the bubbling action removes any build-up.
This specially created gentle cleaner is safe for all types of jewelry, including soft and porous stones, treated gemstones, enamel, fashion jewelry and more.
The Jewelry Love Foaming Jewelry Cleaner is also ideal for cleaning pieces of jewelry that are too large to fit in a jar or shouldn’t be soaked in a liquid. Strands of pearls are a great example  because you can dispense the foaming cleanser directly onto the pearls until they’re completely covered. Then allow the foam to dissipate and repeat the cleaning process if needed.

 Foaming jewelry cleaner

Jewelry Love Professional Polishing Cloth

After cleaning your jewelry with the Jewelry Love Fine Jewelry Cleaner or Foaming Jewelry Cleaner, you can use the Jewelry Love Professional Polishing Cloth to polish it to a shine. This treated inner cloth is perfect for removing tarnish and discoloration from metals, while the outer cloth is perfect for buffing and polishing your piece after cleaning. Remember to clean the cloth after repetitive use.

Jewelry cleaning cloth

Clean + Care® Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

Make your jewelry sparkle with this professional tool-of-the-trade, designed for at-home use. Featuring a true ultrasonic wave frequency, this machine removes grime and oils from settings and other hard-to-reach areas, including watch bracelets.

Fill the tank with water and place your jewelry in the included basket or watch cleaning accessory. After the three-minute deep cleaning cycle, your jewelry will look like new. For a cleaning boost, add one tablespoon of jewelry cleaner to the water for extra cleaning power.

Do not use the ultrasonic cleaner on enhanced diamonds, emeralds or rubies, or any damaged jewelry, such as pieces with loose stones or bent prongs. 

Refer to the Gemstone & Metal cleaning chart in the included instruction manual to determine which pieces are recommended for cleaning in the ultrasonic.


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