Why Should I Use JTV Gold Exchange?

JTV Gold Exchange is affiliated with Jewelry Television®. As one of the largest jewelry retailers in the country, Jewelry Television® (“JTV”) is opening the world of fine jewelry and gemstones to everyone, every day. JTV is committed to offering the largest selection of fine jewelry and gemstones at great prices — while providing its customers outstanding service and quality. We invite you to join the Jewelry Television® family of customers and find out why millions of viewers trust JTV for all of their jewelry and gemstone purchases!

Why is JTV Gold Exchange Buying Gold?

24k gold prices have recently hit very high levels, and the market continues to stay strong. That means it’s the perfect time to get a terrific payout on your unwanted gold. As gold prices have climbed, JTV customers see all the options with infomercials or internet sites, but don’t know whom to trust. JTV feels strongly that its customers who want to sell their unwanted gold and platinum need a place to go where they can trust the outcome.

Why Should I Sell My Unwanted Gold and Platinum Today?

There has never been a better time to sell your unwanted or broken gold or platinum items. Gold prices have recently hit very high levels, and the market continues to stay strong. The price of platinum has also increased dramatically.

What Items Should I Not Send In?

We do not accept any items that are considered to be investment metals (gold bars, coins, ingots, or bullion). In addition we do not take any timepieces or silver items. Additionally, we don’t accept items which contain price tickets or other manufacturing tags or tickets.

Can I Send Items That Contain Gemstones?

You will not be paid for any stones in your items. We only pay for the gold or platinum itself. If there are stones in your items that you want to keep, you should remove them prior to sending in the packet.

How Much Gold Jewelry and Other Items Can I Send?

We will purchase any amount of gold or platinum jewelry you wish to sell up to $2,500 per shipment. If you believe your items are valued at over $500.00, please call for special insurance and shipping arrangements. In addition if you have more items than the supplied bag will hold or if the items you are submitting are large and bulky, please call us at 1-800-913-8113.

How Do I Ship My Gold Jewelry to You?

First complete the request form for the JTV Gold Exchange program at www.jtvgold.com or contact us at 1-800-913-8113 to order a packet. The packet will be shipped to the address you provide. Then, simply place your items into the sealable plastic bag and follow our easy instructions. Take your package to the nearest UPS® shipping location. Click here to find a UPS® shipping location near you.

Does It Cost Me Anything to Send You My Unwanted Jewelry?

No. As long as you use the prepaid envelope we provide, all shipping expenses are paid for by ®JTV Gold Exchange.

Why is it Better to Provide an Email Address?

Although it is not required, providing an email as your primary method of contact will allow us to communicate with you on a timely and frequent basis. By providing us your email, you will be able to track your gold or platinum throughout the process, including viewing a video of your items being weighed and sorted.

What if I Do Not Provide an Email Address?

You will be contacted once your gold or platinum has been assessed for its value. Once the value has been established, we will contact you with the offer.

How Will I Know When JTV Gold Exchange Receives my Packet?

If you supplied an email address with your initial order or included it on the packing slip, we will send you an email once we receive your packet.

Another option is to write down the tracking number that is printed on the outer envelope provided in your packet. This number can be tracked by either going to www.ups.com or by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS.

Can I Send My Items Back via Mail or Another Carrier?

We only accept packages that we have assigned a unique identification number. This number is generated either by you completing the on-line registration or calling into our service center. If you would rather use a different package than the one supplied with the packet please affix the supplied label to your package making sure that the barcode and address is still readable. The mailing address for all packages is:

Processing Center

500 Quality Blvd.

Fairfield, OH 45014

Is My Gold Insured?

Yes, JTV Gold Exchange will insure your packet for up to $500. In the event you feel that your packet needs additional coverage, you can use a second packet or contact our service center at 1-800-913-8113.

How Does JTV Gold Exchange SM Calculate the Cash Value of the Items I Send?

JTV Gold Exchange SM calculates the cash value of your items sent based on three factors:

• The price of gold or platinum as quoted by the London Afternoon Fix on the business day the packet is received.

• The karat content of your gold, which is a percentage of 24 karat:

     - 10kt is 41.6% pure gold

     - 14kt is 58.3% pure gold

     - 18kt is 75% pure gold

     - 22kt is 91.7% pure gold

     - 24kt is 100% pure gold

• The actual weight of your items sent in.

Why Do You Use the Term Pennyweight and How Does That Relate to Gold Measurements?

Gold is usually tracked and sold internationally on a per ounce basis but since most jewelry items weigh far less than an ounce, two smaller measurement terms are used in our Industry; Grams and Pennyweights. We use pennyweights at JTV Gold Exchange.As a quick reference:

20 pennyweights = 1 ounce of gold

31.1 grams = 1 ounce of gold.

1 pennyweight = 1.555 grams

How Will I Be Paid?

When your offer is ready, you will be contacted by us, either by phone or email. If you decide to accept the offer, a check will be cut and mailed out to you via US Postal Service 1st class mail.

What if I Decide Not to Accept the Offer Amount?

If for some reason you are unhappy with the amount offered, you can decline the offer, and all of your items will be returned to you at no cost to you.

What Happens Once I Accept the Offer for the Gold I Send?

Once our offer is accepted and you receive the check, your jewelry will be melted within 12 days of acceptance of the offer.

Is There Someone That I Can Talk to Concerning My Packet or Offer?

Yes. There is someone available to help you throughout the entire process. You may either send an email to jtvgold@jtv.com or call 1-800-913-8113 and select option 2 from the menu. Please note: the customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 9AM to 7PM, Eastern Time.

I Live in Canada or Mexico; Can I Send My Gold into the JTV Gold Exchange Program?

We are currently only accepting gold and platinum from customers within the United States with a valid street address at this time (no post office boxes, please).

What Are Your Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions for the JTV Gold Exchange program are published at https://www.jtv.com/help/gold-exchange/terms. We will also include these terms and conditions in the materials we send to you. In addition, our relationship will be governed by the terms and conditions for our website jtvgold.com and by our JTV.com privacy policy. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these policies. We have tried to summarize many of those terms and conditions in our FAQs, but ultimately these terms and conditions and policies will control if there is any question.

If you have questions please call our customer service department at 1-800-913-8113 and one of our knowledgeable operators will assist you to ensure your transaction with us is trouble free.