Say Hello to JTV Brilliant Cash

Add more shine to your life with JTV Brilliant Cash Rewards! If you love to sparkle with gorgeous jewelry and gemstones, JTV Brilliant Cash is the perfect way to enjoy even more of what you love. The more you buy, the more credits you earn and the more dazzling designs and glittering gemstones are within your reach!

Brilliant Cash logo on a mobile phone surrounded by assorted jewelry and a coffee cup

1. Earn

Get rewarded for your Jewelry Love! Earn JTV Brilliant Cash credits each time you make a qualifying purchase on JTV or

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2. Spend

Go shopping!  Find jewelry and gemstones you love, place your order and redeem your JTV Brilliant Cash.

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3. Sparkle

Savings are coming to you with the JTV Brilliant Cash Rewards program! Wear your new sparkling styles and shine bright!

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