JTV Brilliant Cash ™ Rewards Program Terms and Conditions


JTV® Brilliant Cash Rewards (“Brilliant Cash Rewards” or “Rewards”) are issued by America’s Collectibles Network, Inc. dba JTV® (“JTV” or "We" or sometimes referred to as “ACN”) under JTV’s promotional Brilliant Cash Rewards Program (the “Brilliant Cash Program” or the “Program”). By accepting, redeeming or otherwise using Brilliant Cash Rewards, you agree to these Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"), as well as our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, all of which collectively constitute an Agreement (“Agreement”) between JTV and you.  You should not accept, redeem or otherwise use Brilliant Cash Rewards if you object to this Agreement.  If there is a conflict between these Brilliant Cash Terms and Conditions and our General Terms and Conditions, the JTV Brilliant Cash Terms and Conditions control.


About the Brilliant Cash™ Rewards Program

From time to time, and at our sole discretion, JTV may make various promotional offers under the Brilliant Cash Rewards Program. Such offers will allow JTV customers the opportunity to receive Brilliant Cash Rewards by making qualifying purchases of merchandise and services offered on JTV’s television broadcast, online at JTV.com or on the JTV mobile App during certain promotional periods (“Qualifying Purchase(s)”).  Rewards may be used to make other purchases from JTV as outlined herein. During each promotion, JTV will identify Qualifying Purchases and the amount of JTV Brilliant Cash Rewards that will be received for those Qualifying Purchases.  Sales tax collected by JTV, donations and shipping & handling are all excluded from calculating the amount of Qualifying Purchases. Rewards can be received only on purchases of in-stock items.  

From time to time, and at our sole discretion, JTV may also make other types of promotional offers under the Brilliant Cash Rewards Program, which may or may not require a purchase.  All promotional offers are subject to certain conditions or limitations, which vary depending on the specific limited offer.  You should carefully review all terms that accompany these promotional offers as they will contain expiration dates and may contain other restrictions.  These terms may change or be discontinued without notice, unless prohibited by law.


JTV Brilliant Cash Rewards Program—General Terms

Brilliant Cash Rewards have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash. They are also not transferable.  Your Brilliant Cash Rewards is only available for redemption until the last day of the month following the date they are awarded.  Rewards are awarded after all of the items making up your Qualifying Purchase are shipped and the charges associated with your Qualifying Purchase have been settled.  For example, a Brilliant Cash Reward awarded in April cannot be redeemed after May 31st.  Unless prohibited by law, we reserve the right to extend redemption periods in our sole discretion.  In addition, from time to time, we may, but are not obligated to make, other special promotional offers. These offers are subject to certain conditions or limitations and may have shorter or longer expiration dates.

The terms of JTV Brilliant Cash Rewards offers are determined in our sole discretion, including duration and frequency.

There is no limit on the amount of Brilliant Cash Rewards you can receive. Subject to other applicable provisions of these Terms and Conditions, you may use all or part of your Brilliant Cash Rewards balance for the purchase of merchandise or services from JTV.

Our FAQs below are incorporated into and are part of these Terms and Conditions.

Getting Started with Brilliant Cash Rewards and Obtaining Rewards

If you are ordering online using your JTV account, through our Call Center or through our Express Ordering System, you will automatically be enrolled in Brilliant Cash Rewards when you make your first Qualifying Purchase. After you’re enrolled, any Qualifying Purchase you make using one of these three options will result in an addition to your Rewards balance.  

If you make a Qualifying Purchase online and you checkout as a “Guest,” you won’t be automatically enrolled in Brilliant Cash Rewards, and if you are enrolled, you won’t receive Rewards for that purchase.  


Redeeming Your Brilliant Cash Rewards

Your Rewards are redeemable for purchases of merchandise and services offered for sale on JTV’s television broadcast, online at jtv.com or on the JTV mobile Apps, subject to certain exclusions discussed in these terms and conditions. You can’t use Rewards to buy JTV gift cards or to make purchases at the Gemstore by Jewelry Television in Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition, you can use Rewards on the first payment of StretchPay™ installment purchases but not on later installments.  The details about using your Rewards on a StretchPay™ installment purchases are provided in the Brilliant Cash FAQs below.  You also can’t use your Rewards on existing installment plans, including those made under StretchPay™ or to make payments on any credit account, including on credit cards like VISA or the JTV credit card.


Returns on Purchases Made with Brilliant Cash Rewards

Returns of merchandise and services purchased with Brilliant Cash Rewards are subject to our standard return policies and procedures and our Brilliant Cash Rewards return policies, which are discussed in our FAQs. These policies may vary according to the specific Brilliant Cash Rewards promotional offer.   

Checking Your Brilliant Cash Rewards Balance

To check your Brilliant Cash Rewards balance or for other questions, call (800) 619-3000 (available 24 hrs./day) or log into www.JTV.com.


Transfer, Resale and Use Without Authorization

Brilliant Cash Rewards may not be transferred or resold, and will not be replaced if stolen or used without authorization.  


Changes to Terms

The Program is discretionary and may be discontinued or changed at any time without notice to you.  We reserve the right to refuse acceptance and to rescind any award of Brilliant Cash Rewards that was incorrectly credited to you, violates any part of Brilliant Cash Rewards Program or related Terms and Conditions, or is connected with fraud or abuse of the Program, all as determined in our sole discretion.  Changes made to any Brilliant Cash Rewards or to the Program will be posted on this website, so check back often for any updates.