JTV Experience

Save the dates!

WHEN: Monday, October 17 - Friday, October 21 2022

Are you ready for JTV EXPERIENCE 2022? We're thrilled to announce there will be separate events for Jewelry Makers and Gem Lovers this year, but the most exciting part is that you're invited to choose one or come for both!

The 2022 EXPERIENCE will be bigger and better than ever before with talented jewelry making experts and fascinating gemologists from around the globe, leading programs we know you are going to love.

EXPERIENCE 2022 will be divided into three different events:

  1. Gemstone experts will be on site Monday, October 17 and Tuesday, October 18.
  2. Enjoy a shopping day and the annual dinner on Wednesday, October 19.
  3. Jewel School will be in session Thursday, October 20 and Friday, October 21.


  • Interaction with fellow makers and gemstone lovers
  • Thought-provoking discussions with renowned experts in the jewelry industry
  • Classes that take your jewelry making to the next level
  • Introductory classes to inspire you as a maker
  • Fun, games, and prizes
  • And so much more!

Of course, it wouldn’t be EXPERIENCE without some serious SWAG! You're going to LOVE the goodies we’ve gathered for you.

We at JTV are excited about welcoming you to our campus. We can’t wait to get to know you; and for those we know, we can’t wait to catch up. Most of all, we can’t wait to welcome you home to JTV.

It is our joy and privilege to open the world of jewelry and gemstones to you during JTV EXPERIENCE 2022.

Sign up and stay tuned … it’s going to be a great EXPERIENCE!

Name Class Title Description Time(s) Offered

Sandra Younger


Sandra Younger is an artisan, author, inventor and jewelry-maker extraordinaire. Her designs make Boho beautiful and her tricks and tips can make you feel like a pro. This year, Sandra’s focus is on braiding, one of the most versatile jewelry-making techniques. You’ll learn the artform from a master crafter. Using best-practice skills, you'll enjoy crafting your own masterpiece with s-Ion and agate beads. From her expertise to her insider tips, you’ll love what you learn with Sandra. This class is ideal for students at intermediate or advanced levels.

Alicia Herzbrun Arabian Nights Earrings

This year at JTV Experience, Alicia offers an opportunity to step into the world of easy-to-make exotic designs. Inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights, Alicia offers you the training to craft earrings that are both exotic and easy. Alicia teaches with simplistic style, techniques and plenty of fun.This class with Alicia promises to leave you with a great pair of earrings, new techniques, and memory-making, smile-evoking moments. This class is ideal for students at beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced levels.


Susan Thomas

Turquoise Secret Nugget Bangle

Susan has loved gemstones for almost as long as she can remember. And ... she has a secret!

If you love secrets, the secret technique you’ll learn in this class will have you amazing your friends — and customers — with your skill. This beautiful piece is uniquely crafted and will have you asking, “How does she do that?”

All will be revealed when Susan walks you through the steps to create your very own turquoise secret-nugget bangle. Once this class is completed, you will know what makes this design so ... secret. We won’t tell if you won’t tell.This class is ideal for students at intermediate or advanced levels.

Katy Smith Wrapped Ring and Stud Earrings

The host of "Kreate like Katy" on JTV Extra, Katy is a favorite with jewelry makers everywhere. Her warm, approachable style invites you to stop awhile, watch, and before you know it, pick up a bit of wire and get going on a special project.

One of the special projects she’ll be showing our Experience guests is the Wrapped Ring and Stud Earrings set. She’ll show you how to wrap wire into something wonderful! Join her to learn this intriguing artform and then get ready to be wrapped in roses. This class is ideal for students at all levels.


Laura Scott

Cascading Earrings

Bend. Twist. Bend. No, it’s not aerobics! It’s jewelry-making!

In this class, Wubbers founder, jewelry-maker, and educator Laura Scott shows how a simple bend or twist of wire can make the most elegant jewelry. The wire links learned in this class can be used in bracelets and necklaces with impressive results.

This project is easy enough for beginners, but also great for those who are gearing up for holiday jewelry sales. The cascading earrings are fabulously fun and effortlessly elegant. Let your imagination take hold as you envision the ways in which your choice of stones and wire can add that personal touch to each piece you make.

This class is ideal for students at all levels.


Michelle Owens

Leather Lariat Necklace and Bangle Bracelet

There’s nothing like a little time with an expert to give your creative energies a shot of inspiration. Michelle brings you a wealth of knowledge and a talent for design. With a background in fashion merchandising, she certainly knows the ropes – especially the leather ones!

In this class she puts a contemporary spin on a timeless design — the lariat-style necklace. Learn to create this fun piece in the wonderfully textural medium, leather.  Pair it with a beautiful and beautifully simple bangle bracelet for a combination that marries timeless design with modern techniques. You’ll learn how to make a perfect circle, the proper way to string gemstones, and a few fun knots!

Did we mention inspiration? After this class, you’ll be inspired to add your personal touches and take your designs to the next level of creativity!

This class is ideal for students at all levels.



Rita Panulla Rock Your World Stamped Mandala Necklace

The mandala is a fascinating form rich with history. Many Buddhists believe that the mandala can take you from a place of sorrow to a place of joy and happiness. We can’t make any promises in that regard, but if you’re looking for a place of joy and happiness, this class is the place to be!

Rita will guide you as you travel the journey of the mandala. This exceptional educator and jewelry-maker doesn’t just teach, she inspires.  In her class, you’ll employ the techniques of stamping and stamp enameling to create an artisan design that incorporates the geometrics which are associated with mandalas. Of course, as always, once you learn the steps and techniques, it becomes your creative use of color and gemstones that takes you to the next level in your future designs.

This class is ideal for students at advanced levels.




Wyatt White

Twisted Rosey Earrings Twisted Rosey Earrings will teach you how to use the Twister Tool and how to custom make different and interesting twisted patterns. This class specifically will teach twisting 26 ga wires (3) together, then twist this wire with a 20Ga Rose Gold Color wire creating a custom wire.  This wire is then made into jumprings in varying sizes on the Round Multi Jump ring Mandrel.  Students will learn how to use a 26 Ga wire to insert a bead into the opening of the largest jumpring and secure the bead to each end of the wire , then each of the other rings will use the same technique to seal the Jumpring without a bead.   



Meredith Roddy

Do The Watusi Bracelet Use Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire to create a stylized bracelet that shows off the wire AND the beads. Meredith Roddy has been making jewelry since she was little, but in earnest as a designer for over 20 years. Over her 14 year career at Beadalon, she's had many roles and is currently a designer and content creator. She hasn’t met a beading technique she doesn’t like, but her favorites include beadweaving, stringing, and wirework.  


Gail DeLuca Tanisi Hoop Earrings This class will walk you through the process of creating stitched bead embellishment on metal findings. You’ll learn beginner techniques, including how to do brick and fringe stitches, threading the needle, and identifying the different types of seed beads used in the project. It’s a fun and fast project for any level.  
  *The following classes are "Add Ons" and are not included in the general fee.   Class Price/SKU
Meredith Roddy *Inside Out Beaded  Kumihimo Bracelet Class Traditional Kumihimo with beads has the stringing material on the inside and the beads on the outside of the weave. In this class, we'll flip the technique around so the wire takes center stage in the design! $54.99/CLA001
Gail DeLuca *Kriti Lariat Necklace This class will introduce you to the St. Petersburg Chain stitch and we will learn how to embellish it to make a lariat style necklace, incorporating a beautiful smoky quartz drop bead and freshwater pearls. Students will benefit from previous experience in stitching with beads and should be comfortable with skills such as adding thread to a project and threading a beading needle. $79.99/CLA002
Sandra Younger *Leather and Pearl Necklace

There’s an earthy elegance to the necklace you’ll be making when you join this class. Sandra flexes her crafting muscles to show you how contrasting textures can give your piece a custom flair and contemporary excitement.
What’s more elegant than a pearl? One of the hottest trends this season, pearls of all sorts are showing up on international runways. When combined with the subtle texture of leather, they transform simple Boho to Boho Chic! Let your imagination fly – when you know the technique, each piece is made unique by the shapes and colors you select. You must have a Knotty Do- It- All for this class.This class is ideal for students at beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced levels.

Wyatt White *Wire Weave Gemstone  Bracelet

This Advanced Wire weave bracelet class will take your wire work to a new level, using the practice wire of 16Ga and 22Ga Round German Style Wire. You will want to have approximately 5 beads of your own to use on the practice bracelet using the German Style Wire.  These beads will need to fit 22Ga wire.  You will have ample wire for extra practice before using the provided Argentium 14Ga Half Round and 22Ga Round Wire and gemstone beads provided in your kit.  Once you have practiced with the German Style Wire and have the technique down you can use the Half Round and Round wire with the included gemstones to complete the Argentium advanced bracelet.

Laura Scott *Iris Valor Bracelet

Once again, the creative and talented Wubbers founder, Laura Scott, brings her expertise into the JTV classroom. The intricacies of this bracelet will have friends and customers marveling at your creative genius! It’s modern, fresh, and complex in design – yet surprisingly doable when the complexities are unraveled.

Based on the classic skills of the basic link, you’ll go far beyond the basics in this piece. If you embrace the unexpected, revel in the unique, and wish to take your skills to a higher place, you want to be included in this class.
This class is ideal for students at intermediate levels.

Katy Smith *Swarovski Flower Ring Class Get ready to add a little glam to your jewelry-making with Swarovski crystals. These bi-cone beauties have all the dazzle that has made Swarovski famous – and they take your newest project to a whole new level of sparkle. Join Katy as she shows you step-by-step how to make this pretty piece. Once you have the know-how, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design possibilities! This class is ideal for students at all levels. $29.99/CLA007

Name Class Title Description Time(s) Offered
  In the Loupe This series of informative classes gives you an up-close and detailed view into the world of fine jewelry. You’ll see the jewelry industry through the magnified lenses, known as 'the Loupes', of experts in the field. It’s an insider’s perspective that only a select few gem lovers get to see. Explore topics such as: 'How to Handle Fine Gemstones'; 'How to Tell the Real from the Not-so-Real'; 'a VIP look inside the Denver Mineral Museum' and more. Explore the world of the gems and jewelry you love when you’re In the Loupe.  
Eric Fritz, FGA, DGA, University of Arizona Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum Manager Behind the Curtain-The Evolution of Gemstones

Join Eric for a VIP experience at this internationally renowned gem and mineral museum. You're invited to a Behind the Curtain experience that takes you into the realm of the insiders with a center-stage seat of honor.

You’ll be the personal guests of Eric Fritz, who will take you on a journey back in time. Learn all about the Evolution of Gemstones in detail. See the specimens at the museum that illustrate that evolution. You’ll travel back in time to learn the history of some of earth’s greatest, most compelling, and most desirable treasures – gemstones.

Andy Lucas, President, Guild Institute of Gemology, SVP of Guild Gem Laboratory Journey of Gemstones

This 36-year veteran of the gemstone industry is a global traveler, gemstone expert and educator. He will share an insider’s perspective on the fascinating mine-to-market world of gemstones.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get the view In the Loupe from a man who has seen first-hand what it takes to get a gemstone to you. This mine-to-market presentation is rich with international flavor — delivered by an expert who has “boots-on-the-ground” insights to share.

Melissa Allen, FGA, GG, Member AGA In the Loupe Take an extraordinary journey into the heart of the gemstones that captivate you with this internationally renowned photographer. When you're In the Loupe with Melissa, you can expect to see gemstones from the microscopic perspective. Be enthralled by her close-ups of the characteristics that make each gemstone unique. Enjoy a deep dive into the amazing world of gemstone inclusions through her exceptional micro photography. If the sparkle of gemstones calls you, their inner beauty will mesmerize you. Experience gemstones as never before through the loupe of this fascinating gemologist. No one showcases gemstones quite like this talented expert.  
Shelley Sergent and Bruce Bridges

The Gemstones of East Africa

You’ll get front-row seats to see Shelley Sergent (Lead Curator, Somewhere In the Rainbow, Modern Gem and Jewelry Collection) and Bruce Bridges (President of Bridges Tsavorite) in a lively discussion about the Gemstones of East Africa. Who better to take you Behind the Curtain into the realm of east Africa and the gemstones found there than a man who has spent his boyhood learning the mining industry from his father, Campbell Bridges, the man who discovered tsavorite and brought tanzanite to be identified in the U.S.? Why not learn about the fascinating stones mined in this unique corner of the world through the experienced eye of Shelley?

From mine to magical, the Gemstones of East Africa will draw you into an exotic land and the treasures found within it.

Shelley Sergent and Susan Helmich

The Gem Hall

As Lead Curator for the Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection, Shelley Sergent has seen examples of the  most exquisite gemstone jewelry and art pieces ever created. Many of them are on display at The Gemstone Gallery and Treasury at the University of Arizona’s Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum. This Behind the Curtain insider tour will pique your interest in all things golden and gemmy ... all things elegant and dazzling.

Shelley will be joined on this VIP excursion by artist Susan Helmich, whose award-winning designs make her an expert in the profession that takes the treasures of the earth and elevates them to a universe of wearable beauty. Susan’s designs show high levels of excellence - they reflect her natural focus on the 'elegant and the exquisite'. Her jewelry is her art.

For those who enjoy the exceptional, for those who are drawn to the breath-taking and for those who appreciate the magnificent, this experience will not disappoint.

Renata Lafler, Gemologist and Executive Director, Mines Museum of Earth Sciences

A Look Inside the Denver Mineral Museum

Renata will be your expert guide as you explore this hidden-treasure of a museum. The Mines Museum grew from the amazing personal collection of geologist Arthur Lakes and has served as the state repository for Colorado mineral heritage since the 1890s. Renata will open the vaults for a seldom-seen view of take-your-breath-away beauties, like the Miss Colorado crown that is laden with gemstones.

Every stone has a story, and Renata is a world-class storyteller who will inform and delight you. From the indoor cave rich with minerals that glow, to the Goodwill Moon Rock collected during the Apollo 17 mission, Renata will take you on a personal, Behind the Curtain, backstage-style tour which is guaranteed to give you the best view in the house.

Claire Scragg, FGA, DGA, GG and Manager of Learning and Development at JTV

All Elements of a Diamond

In this class, Claire Scragg takes you more than In the Loupe; she takes you deep into the earth. You will travel the journey that a diamond travels. Did you know that a diamond can burn? Or that it forms under conditions of intense heat (1500 to 2500 degrees F) and pressure that is 45 – 50 thousand times greater than the pressure of the air around us? 

You’ll learn these things and more as Claire presents a “diamond’s-eye” view of events that happened millions of years ago. After this class you’ll have a deeper appreciation for what it takes to become a diamond. You’ll have a greater appreciation for the dazzling treasure that is diamond and for the miracle of its creation.



Christopher Clark, GG, FGA, Gem and Mineral collector

The Ins and Outs of Mineral Handling

Travel Behind the Curtain with Christopher Clark, GG, FGA, gem and mineral collector as he illustrates the ins-and-outs of gem and mineral handling. From Christopher you’ll learn how to carry a gemstone in matrix, when and why you should wear gloves ... and more.

What if you need to wash a specimen? Is it a good idea to display your collection in direct sunlight? Do you need tweezers? What kind? How do you know which gems are the most valuable?

By the end of this class, you’ll have a broad understanding of the best gemstones to purchase and why, how to display them, and the difference between a gemstone and a mineral. By the end of this class you’ll have answers to the questions every gem collector asks ... and you’ll have answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!




Tom Joyce, JTV Supervisor Quality Control

How to Authenticate a Gemstone

You’re at an estate sale, and you fall in love with a beautiful ruby pin. The tag says, “Granny’s Favorite Ruby Brooch”. But ... is it really a real ruby? How can you tell?

Join Tom Joyce, JTV Supervisor Quality Control, for an informative presentation on how to tell if a gemstone is real ... or not! This Behind the Curtain class will provide you with key ways to recognize glass from gemstone and genuine from fake.

Should you buy it? This class won’t give you the answer to that question, but it will help you determine whether what you’re looking at is the real deal.

Then you can make a reasonably informed decision about whether to buy it – or not!



Daniel and Michelle Hatcher

A True Mine-to-Market Story

Imagine what it would be like to have grown up in Lightning Ridge, Australia. The home of the one gemstone that contains the colors of every gemstone, the opal. Lightning Ridge is recognized for producing some of the finest black opals in history. In this class, you will get to go Behind the Curtain with this amazing couple. Daniel and Michelle are second-generation owners and directors of a family-owned black opal mining company in Lightning Ridge, Australia.

They are also educators and scholars whose passion for sharing the experiences of a lifetime and their love of gemology make them the ideal leaders of this compelling class.

Go down under – quite literally – into the mines, into the magic, into the mesmerizing beauty of the black opal and its journey into the jewelry you love.



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