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Radiant zircon is the oldest known gemstone, with some crystals dating back 4 billion years, but also perhaps the most misunderstood. Unfortunately, due to the similarity of zircon's name to the lab created diamond simulant cubic zirconia, many people don't realize that zircon is a beautiful, naturally occurring stone with its own merits. Thanks to its tremendous fire and dispersion, it has been considered a less-expensive stand-in for diamond for many years, although zircon gives us many reasons to sing its praises and appreciate it in its own light.

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Looking for some eye-candy? Discover terrifically tantalizing zircon jewelry at JTV. Whether you're shopping for something special for an equally special occasion, or a fun accessory to your everyday wear, you'll meet your style match among this stunning and affordable selection of zircon jewelry. Browse available zircon jewelry for sale by size, price, purity and more.

Zircon is one of the oldest minerals on Earth, dating back almost 4.4 billion years. Scientist determined that age after unearthing a zircon crystal in Jack Hills, Australia - a common location for other ancient minerals. Despite its age, zircon's radiance and beauty are timeless and, as you can see, make for stunning jewelry. Zircon is not to be confused with cubic zirconia. While their physical properties are very similar, cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone made to simulate the real one.

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For a look you can't resist, shop beautiful zircon jewelry for sale at JTV. Discover a variety of delicious shades and styles that complement your look and make your outfit shine.

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