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A statement ring can add a lot to your look. You have your own unique ways of expressing yourself when you get ready for your day. From your hair cut and color, to your clothes and shoes, and down to your approach to cosmetics and nail care, each of your choices tells a portion of your story. That story is enhanced with your jewelry-the punctuation to your ensemble. Adding a statement ring to your repertoire is the perfect exclamation point. It speaks on your behalf each and every time someone notices it. Your statement ring may be a conversation starter, or may simply telegraph what you need to say.

This collection of statement rings isn't like the cocktail rings or costume jewelry you may remember from your mother's or grandmothers' jewelry boxes. You can find bold, beautiful gemstone statement rings crafted with everything from amethyst to onyx. You can go minimalist while making your statement with solid, thick, metal band-or try stackable rings to create your very own, uniquely you statement ring.

Some believe that the finger on which you choose to wear a ring-statement or not-says almost as much as the piece itself. The ring finger of the left hand is meant for engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings, chastity rings-lots of relationship-related subjects-but what about the rest of the fingers? And does it matter what metal or stone one wears on certain fingers, or one hand versus the other? Whether you believe certain gems bring you luck, or statement rings on a specific finger will enhance your preferred personal traits, adding a bold cocktail ring to your wardrobe is certain to enhance your look.

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