Pink Sapphire Jewelry

Pink Sapphire Jewelry

Pink sapphire jewelry at affordable prices will make you feel like a princess. Shop fun, flirty and fabulous pink sapphire jewelry from JTV.

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Pink Sapphire Rings & More

Pink sapphire jewelry is one of many crowning achievements to have in your jewelry collection. This pink variant of the known and loved blue sapphire is full of passion and grace, and is perfect for those who want to feel like royalty.

What does pink sapphire jewelry symbolize?

Pink sapphire jewelry takes the purity and elegance of white and combines it with the rich passion of red, creating a gemstone color that is both honest and heartfelt while being a beautiful expression of romance. For lovers of luxury, pink sapphire jewelry is a brilliant addition to your collection. Considered a “fancy sapphire,” pink sapphire jewelry will color everyone impressed whether you wear it for a night on the town or a casual girls night.

Are pink sapphires rare?

While sapphire is perhaps most recognizable in blue, sapphires can come in many colors including pink. These other shades of sapphires—ranging from yellow, green and even violet—are known as “fancy sapphires.” However, of all the fancy sapphires, it’s generally agreed that high-quality mined pink sapphire is one of the rarest, which makes it especially precious to display proudly in jewelry.

What’s the difference between lab created and mined pink sapphire?

The important thing to remember is that lab created pink sapphire and mined sapphire are physically and chemically identical. What makes these pink sapphires different is how they were created, which can make all the difference when you’re looking for the right pink sapphire jewelry for you or for a loved one.

Mined pink sapphire jewelry is very rare. However, advancement in jewelry technology has made lab created pink sapphire a possibility! So if you’d like to have some pink sapphire jewelry and are looking for a particular color or style, search through our lab created sapphire jewelry for a wider range of options.