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The term cat's eye, or chatoyancy, is used to describe a phenomenal optical property in gemstones, in this case quartz gems. The effect, when present, appears as a bright, narrow slit similar to the pupils in the eyes of your favorite feline. This phenomenon is caused by parallel fibrous or needle-like inclusions that interfere with the passage of light throughout the crystal, scattering and reflecting light back to the viewer as a thin line.

Rose Quartz Jewelry & More

Explore our wide-ranging collection of quartz jewelry – beautiful quartz necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants and more that span an endless spectrum of unique colors and styles. The word quartz applies to not just one specific stone, but a rainbow of gems of every color from the soft hues of rose quartz jewelry to the bold drama of smoky quartz.

There are some varieties of quartz that you may know better under other names. Amethyst, the quintessential violet gem, may be the most iconic, but onyx, citrine, prasiolite, carnelian, tiger's eye and many more are all members of the colorful quartz family as well. This rich diversity of color ensures that no matter your preferences or personal style, there's quartz jewelry for you.

Quartz is the second most ambundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust, and it can be found almost everywhere, commonly as a part of rocks like granite, sandstone and shale. Its ubiquitous nature helps make quartz jewelry, though just as shiny and beautiful as any other, a much more affordable option when compared to its much rarer cousins. Many modern clocks and watches use quartz crystals to as a method of helping keep time.

With such a wide range of colors and styles, you're bound to find a kind of quartz that's right for you or someone you love. For birthstone fans, you have no shortage of options – amethyst is February's birthstone, citrine is one of November's, and carnelian and onyx are less commonly observed birthstones for June and July. You can explore a wide variety of brands specializing in quartz jewelry, like Bella Luce, the Artisan Gem Collection, Exotic Jewelry Bazaar and Stratify.

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