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If you're a pearls girl, you're in the right place! JTV has a splendid collection of pearl jewelry to explore. Delight in lustrous pearl bracelets, necklaces, and rings today.

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Conch Pearl

A conch is a marine gastropod or, more simply, a large sea snail. Conchs are valued for their meat, shell and non-nacreous pearls. Conch pearls are formed by concentric layers of fibrous calcium. This layering often produces a much-desired flame structure, which is characteristic of conch pearls. Because they are a calcareous concretion, the pearls have a porcelain finish and luster, very similar to the interior of the conch shell. Conch pearls are not cultured, but are usually found as a by-product as fishermen clean their catch for conch meat. The gems are usually baroque or oval in shape and generally a salmon-colored orange-pink.

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The classic and timeless piece of jewelry; a statement that will never go out of style. Pearls are elegant, beautiful and can accessorize any outfit, no matter your age. Dress pearls up for an elegant occasion or wear them to work to make a chic statement.

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