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Take a step into a world of color when you shop for opal rings at JTV.com. There's a range in color from clear to black and everywhere in between. Black and white opals are some of the most sought after stones in the world and can sometimes be more valuable than diamond. The precious gem's iridescent qualities make it even more diverse, giving it a chameleon-like ability to reflect different colors based on the light around it or the angle from which the stone is viewed.

The stone's variations make it an ideal gem for jewelry. Whether you're looking for a solitary setting or a more intricate design, the opal is the perfect stone to build a ring around. It goes great with gold, stands out in silver or white gold and even complements copper well. Pair opal with more lustrous stones, such as diamonds, zircon or tanzanite. No matter you're style, there's an opal ring at JTV to suit it.

As the official birthstone of October, opal rings make a great gift for those that share a birthday month with the year's most mischievous holiday. That's especially true of black opal rings or rings that feature fire opals.

Opals are thought to be formed from silica-rich water that leaves behind the building blocks for the gem after it evaporates. The way silica molecules arrange themselves in the absence of H2O gives opals their signature sheen. That's why many opals can be found in areas near mineral-rich hot springs.

Opal's reach even stretches beyond Earth. Trace amounts of the gemstone were found in 2015 on Mars. So when we tell you opal is out of this world, know we're not exaggerating. Knowing the way opals are formed led scientists to believe that the building blocks of Martian life could be held in the mysterious stone.

Enough with the geology lesson. JTV has dozens of opal varieties in dozens of settings and styles. Start shopping now, and find an opal ring that perfectly complements your look.

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