Opal Bracelets

Opal Bracelets

Evoke a sense of wonder with opal bracelets. the iridescent play of colors is sure to be a conversation starter.

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White Opal Bracelets & More

JTV offers unique and beautiful Opal bracelets. Known as 'play of color,' opals display an array of hues and shades. While white opals have been and remain popular, thanks to their abundance, there is a wide array of colors available. Opal bracelets are available in soft pinks, blues and greens, as well as striking, shimmering black opals. Fire opal jewelry even come in colors ranging from light orange to burnt reds.

Since the 1800's, a rumor has circulated: Wearing an opal if it's not your birthstone is bad luck. Some take this very seriously. Others, though, are too drawn to the myriad colors and playful fire and shine of opal jewelry to take heed of this centuries-old superstition. Queen Victoria herself eschewed this superstition, giving opals as wedding gifts. For the opal lover in your life, opal bracelets are a striking, unique addition to a jewelry collection. Browse styles to match every aesthetic, from bold single-stone-set cuffs to ornate strings of several opals set in silver or gold.

Not sure which opal bracelet - or piece of opal jewelry - is the right one to add to the collection? Explore the full range of opal earrings, opal necklaces, and more. Perhaps there's not one right piece, and a set is the perfect choice. If the opal lover in your life is especially unique, purchasing a loose stone and having it set in something custom made could be the best, most thoughtful route.