Moldavite Necklaces

Moldavite Necklaces

Moldavite necklaces are a centerpiece to tie your whole outfit together with the gem's deep, earthy undertones.

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Moldavite Stone Necklaces

Stargazers, fans of the unknown and unexplored, or anyone for whom you'd like to capture the night sky is sure to appreciate a moldavite stone necklace from JTV. The rich forest or olive green shades common to moldavite may evoke mossy, tree-rich environments, but moldavite is, in fact, the result of a meteorite colliding with earth millions of years ago. Most moldavite deposits are local to Bohemia, where the meteorite is believed to have struck. For anyone with stars in their eyes, or who you feel hung the moon, a moldavite necklace or piece of moldavite jewelry is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to say, 'You're out of this world.'

Moldavite necklaces are perfect for lovers of rich earth tones, fans of springtime shades, or anyone who is simply loud and proud about their love of green. For a full, rich spectrum of green jewelry in your collection, consider scooping up some peridot pieces, an emerald item, or perhaps some jasper. A well-rounded collection that includes a moldavite necklace is sure to make even well-adorned fashionistas green with envy.

Add a rich splash of lush green to any outfit with one of the moldavite stone necklaces from JTV. Adorn the neckline of your favorite formalwear when you're getting ready for a special night on the town. Stand out from the crowd when you add it to your office attire. There may not be as many styles of moldavite necklaces as there are stars in the sky, but there's range enough to fit every style, occasion and budget.