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When you wear our Moissanite Fire earrings, you can accessorize with a truly American gemstone, which was first discovered in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. JTV offers Moissanite Fire earrings in a variety of styles and colors for every occasion.

Also known as silicon carbide, we forgive you for mistaking moissanite for a true white diamond. You certainly wouldn't be the first to have trouble telling them apart. Moissanite is named after its discoverer Henri Moissan, a French chemist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1906. The resemblance was uncanny. An expert in his field, even Moissan could not identify the difference between moissanite and true diamonds for years.

Though incredibly rare in nature, moissanite is readily available today after Moissan's particles were successfully synthesized in a laboratory setting. This helps make moissanite an affordable alternative to diamonds. With our Moissanite Fire earrings, you get all the beauty of a diamond at a fraction of the cost. Explore moissanite earrings in cluster, dangle, drop, ear climber, hoop and stud styles.

Like diamonds, Moissanite Fire earrings look stunning in yellow gold, or you can opt for the subtle sophistication of moissanite earrings in sterling silver. While the traditional white moissanite earrings are always a good choice because of their resemblance to diamond, Moissanite Fire earrings are also available in a vibrant green.

Can't get enough moissanite? Be sure to explore all the different varieties of Moissanite Fire jewelry available from JTV. Find moissanite bracelets, moissanite rings, moissanite pendants and necklaces, and even loose moissanite gemstones.

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