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Steal the show with Moissanite Fire jewelry, available in a variety of dazzling colors! Capture others attention when you wear pieces from our stunning Moissanite Fire collection.

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Turn up the heat with these sparkling Moissanite Fire sensations

Not many gemstones have rare and unique properties that exceed those found in a diamond, but created Moissanite does just that with unforgettable brilliance, unquenchable fire and timeless beauty. Moissanite has 2.4 times more fire than diamond and is second in hardness only to diamond, making it resistant to scratching, abrasion, breaking and chipping. All of these exceptional characteristics make created Moissanite one of the most radiant and sought-after jewels in the world.

Natural Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 by French scientist Dr. Henri Moissan, at the Canyon Diablo meteor crater in Arizona. He tried to create a synthetic version of the gemstone his entire life, however, Moissanite wasnt successfully recreated in a laboratory until the 1990s.

Discover what it means to look and feel brilliant with Moissanite Fire™ by Jewelry Television® and, the single largest retailer of created Moissanite Fire jewelry in the United States. As an industry leader in global sourcing, procurement and vendor partnerships, JTV is an expert in acquiring created Moissanite. Each Moissanite Fire™ jewel is expertly cut to deliver maximum brilliance and must meet JTV's exact specification and quality standards.

JTV's Moissanite Fire™ jewelry collection, designed by world renowned jeweler Charles Winston, features both loose jewels and dazzling jewelry including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces in a variety of colors. Jewelry Television stands behind your Moissanite Fire™ jewel with a Certificate of Authenticity and guarantees your gorgeous new purchase will never lose its fire and brilliance under normal care and handling.

Our beautiful moissanite jewelry comes in a variety of cuts, colors and designs. Delve into a luxurious selection of moissanite jewelry, beautiful and easy to wear with any outfit and for any occasion. Celebrate yourself and indulge in moissanite, the ultimate in affordable luxury.