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Labradorite Stone Necklaces

Shimmer and shine with a new gorgeous labradorite stone necklace from JTV. Whether you're looking for the deep blue-green to indigo hues and iridescence of a classic piece of labradorite, or you're a fan of the single-colored examples of the gem, there's a range of labradorite necklaces to suit any style and to fit any budget.

Lovers of labradorite jewelry are often captivated by the stone's unique display of iridescence. In fact, it's so unique, it has its own name: labradorescence. This distinct, dreamy effect evokes the Northern Lights, which some say the stone has trapped inside it, transporting the shimmering play of light from the northern reaches of the globe to anyone, anywhere who wishes to wear it. Who wouldn't want to wear Aurora Borealis around their neck? Labradorite necklaces are a fine choice for those with celestial vibes to their style, as well as for those who enjoy the play of color and light common to opals.

When expanding your jewelry collection to include a labradorite necklace, consider the full range of labrodorite pieces - earrings, bracelets, and rings - and put together a set that is uniquely you. Or mix and match stones in similar hues and make the iridescence of your labradorite stone necklace really pop. A bold amethyst bracelet could bring out your necklace's violet hues; a brilliant sapphire piece may make the blue hues really shine. No matter what you pair it with, a labradorite necklace is a sure showstopper.

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