Kunzite Jewelry

Kunzite Jewelry

Rare yet affordable kunzite jewelry will separate you from the crowd with its display of girly, cool, light violet-pink.

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Gemstone Information

Kunzite is the pink to violetish purple variety of spodumene. The stone gets its color from trace amounts of manganese. Kunzite is better known than other spodumene varieties like hiddenite (green) and triphane (yellow). To obtain the best color and saturation in a stone it must be faceted with the table perpendicular to the length of the rough crystal. Kunzite often forms in large crystals that are highly sought after by mineral collectors. Kunzite displays strong fluorescence and phosphorescence that also makes it attractive fluorescent mineral collectors.

What is Kunzite?

Are you looking for a stunning modern gemstone? JTV has you covered with gorgeous top-quality kunzite!

Kunzite is a purple species of spodumene coming in a purple to pink hue. Founded in California by gemologist George Frederick Kunz, kunzite can be found in over ten countries all around the globe. Kunzite has become a staple to gemstone collectors due to its breathtaking pleochroic properties and its increasing popularity in jewelry.

Often set in rose gold, kunzite is also set in silver and white gold to accentuate the brightness of the purples and pinks. Over time, Kunzite's color can fade in constant exposure to direct sunlight so let your kunzite jewelry keep its soft pink and purple tones by letting it sparkle in your evening attire instead.

Add kunzite to your gemstone collection now for a one-of-a-kind and pretty-in-pink gemstone.