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Copper Colored Earrings

Find the latest trends and discounts on JTV's selection of copper earrings. With their muted red-orange luster, copper-colored earrings offer a striking alternative to traditional gold and silver-hued earrings. They provide the perfect blank palette for your favorite jewels and gemstones to create a lustrous look all your own.

Copper's utility in jewelry, especially earrings, is without question. When added to gold, copper creates rose gold and a world of pink-sheened possibilities. Copper's best quality when it comes to jewelry is its relative softness. The metal's malleability makes it great for creating copper earrings that are among the most intricately woven patterns and designs JTV has to offer.

Pinkish and coppers hues are some of the trendiest wedding tones, and copper earring make an ideal choice to play off of similarly colored invitations, bridesmaids' dresses and decorative accents. The earrings stand out without showing off and add to a neutral ambiance that keeps the bride at the center of all the attention. The groom can share in the shine too, especially if he's wearing a wedding band from JTV's vast selection of men's rings. And keep JTV in mind a few years down the road too. Copper is the traditional gift for a seventh wedding anniversary. Our copper rings make the perfect gift for the love in your life.

Copper is a native metal, meaning it's one of the few metals in the periodic table that occur naturally in a usable form. Its use as jewelry dates back thousands of years. In fact, the name copper comes from the Greek word meaning 'of Cyprus,' a country that has been mining copper since prehistoric times.

In recent years, copper bracelets have been used to try to help ease pain caused by arthritis. There is no scientific evidence to support that claim. But don't underestimate the emotional benefits that adding a little glam can have. Whether you are shopping for the perfect pair of wedding earrings or for a trendy new piece, JTV's collection of copper jewelry is exactly what you are looking for.
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