Blue Diamond Rings

Reminisce on the deep blue sea with a rich blue diamond ring.

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Blue Diamond Rings for Sale

Find blue diamond rings to match the limitless beauty of cloudless afternoon skies. JTV has dozens of affordable blue diamond rings for sale. Whether you're looking for men's or women's styles, find settings and gemstone combinations to match any event or occasion. When it comes to blue diamond rings at JTV, the sky really is the limit.

Blue diamonds get their color from natural boron impurities. The more boron, the more intense the shade. Normally, diamonds are valued based on the absence of color because they are the rarest. But with so-called fancy diamonds, a designation given to diamonds with color, rarity is prescribed by stones that display colors outside of normal ranges. Blue diamonds, especially stones with dark tones, are considered among the most valuable. Go figure that impurities aren't always a bad thing!

The blue diamond rings for sale at JTV come in a variety of stunning styles, from subtle bands to oversized statement pieces. No matter what look you're after, you're sure to find a shining addition to complete any ensemble from your wardrobe.

When set in sterling silver, blue diamonds seem to leap from the ring, drawing the attention of any envious onlooker. Rose gold and yellow gold settings also create impossible-to-ignore contrasts between setting and stone.

Whether you're looking for engagement rings, antique designs, modern updates or bold cocktail rings, JTV has a ring to fit your finger. There's also a vast selection of blue jewelry, including diamond earrings and rings, zircon simulants and topaz.

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