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Herringbone Chain Necklaces

A herringbone chain is perfect if you love to layer your jewelry to add sophisticated dimension to your look. If you are looking for an easy go-to that elevates your look for a casual day out, a day at the office, or a formal event, the herringbone chain is the perfect accessory piece to keep in your jewelry box for any occasion.

The herringbone chain is made of a series of short, flat links aligned in two or more rows to create a diagonal pattern. Flat rectangular metal links are placed next to each other and pieced tightly together at a slight slant. Skillfully, the links are woven together to create a braided, flattened chain look. This style can last you a lifetime, but can easily tangle if not taken care of properly. So be sure to take your herringbone chain off before bed.

JTV offers herringbone chains in a variety of styles, metals, and sizes. Whether you like to layer or you’re looking for a statement piece that stands alone, herringbone chains are a great addition to add to your collection.

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