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Affordable Zircon Bracelets

Zircon is often misunderstood as a variation of cubic zirconia, when in fact the two are quite different. Though colorless zircon and cubic zirconia are both often used as diamond substitutes, they differ widely in chemical makeup. Zircon is naturally occurring and is actually the oldest known mineral on earth, with some samples dating back to before the formation of our moon! When you step out in your dazzling zircon bracelet, you're literally wearing history.

Zircon comes in a number of different colors such as yellow, orange, red, green, blue, brown, violet or combinations thereof. Of those colors, the most popular recently has been blue. This means there is a wide array of blue zircon jewelry available. You'll certainly find blue zircon among this collection of affordable zircon bracelets, but that's not all. You find a number of different zircon bracelets in an array of different colors and styles to match whatever kind of mood you're in. Don't forget to polish off that look with a matching zircon ring for an extra flash of brilliance. Whichever one of these bracelets you choose, you're sure to light up the room.
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