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Wrap Bracelets
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Set yourself apart from the crowd with a wrap bracelet from JTV. Trendy and on point, wrap bracelets are bracelets that wrap around the wrist more than once. They create a visual effect that has an air of playfulness, and still stays casual. Wrap bracelets create a visual effect similar to stackable bracelets, but wrap bracelets differ an important way. Whereas stackable bracelets are worn one atop of each other, wrap bracelets are a continual line that works its way around the wrist multiple times.

Wrap bracelets for women can help to define a look in a unique way. Whereas a vintage bracelet can transport your outfit to another time or place, a wrap bracelet is firmly grounded in a modern look. And while a bangle bracelet present a clean, sleek line, a wrap bracelet embraces asymmetry and a bit of a sense of quirkiness. If you're looking for an up-to-date accessory that doesn't take itself too seriously, wrap bracelets may be the route to go.

Another advantage of a wrap bracelet is that while this style is definitely an attention grabber, it can actually prove to be quite versatile. When worn with a more neutral outfit, the piece stands out all the more. That means you can mix and match your more subdued outfits with a wrap bracelet with relative ease. Plus, because of their adventurous style, they can be matched fairly easily with existing pieces. A pearl wrap bracelet can pair beautifully with a single strand of pearls for a look all its own. Unlock a potential fun and flirtatious new frontier with wrap bracelets for women from JTV.