Copper Bracelets

Copper Bracelets

Bring the warm and orangey shade of summer to you with copper bracelets. Add a bold and solid pop of color to any look!

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Copper Bangles & More

When it comes to jewelry's precious metals, glitzy gold and sleek silver often demand much of the spotlight, but these copper bracelets from JTV are nothing to ignore. Though less expensive than its friends further down the periodic table, copper is no less glamorous. This means that though copper bracelets won't cost you a pretty penny they will make your wrists shine like one.

Copper's signature red-orange sheen gives these copper bracelets a splash of gorgeous color even without gemstones included. Explore copper bangles with rubies, polished copper cuffs, copper bolo bracelets with purple turquoise and more in JTV's extensive assortment. JTV's copper bracelets come from the Timna Jewelry Collection which offers dozens of beautiful bracelets as well as other copper beauties like earrings and rings.

The 7th wedding anniversary is the 'copper anniversary' and copper bracelets are a perfect way to mark the occasion – we think she'll like copper bangles much more than copper wiring or a roll of pennies. And copper bracelets are perhaps more than just a pretty face, there's even rumored health benefits to wearing them if you have arthritis – though we make no guarantees!

Though copper is plenty gorgeous all on its own, it also makes a great alloy so be sure to check out brass and bronze jewelry options too, like this collection of brass rings you'll surely want to grab. With no shortage of bracelet options available, you'll want to enter the Copper Age with JTV.