Chrome Diopside Bracelets

Chrome Diopside Bracelets

Join the enchanting trend of chrome diopside bracelets. A rich, lavish green is just what that outfit needs!

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Gemstone Information
Chrome Tourmaline

First discovered in Tanzania in the 1960's, chrome tourmaline is a fairly new addition to the vast tourmaline family. A true collector's gem, chrome tourmaline exhibits bright green color that resembles, and even rivals, that of the finest emeralds. While it is a type of green tourmaline, not all green tourmalines contain chromium and can be called chrome tourmaline. True chrome tourmaline is more highly prized, as it is a more rare occurrence for chromium to be a coloring agent, which often results in a much brighter and richer green color.

Affordable Chrome Diopside Bracelets

From the harsh wintry terrain of Siberian Russia comes a bright green stone that is sure to make any bracelet pop. Chrome diopside bracelets are available in a wealth of styles – from bangle to bolo to statement to strand – that are sure to make you want to go green.

Chrome diopside is a newer gem on the block, discovered only within the last 30 years and only available globally since the fall of the Soviet Union. This fascinating new stone is mined almost exclusively in a remote location in the state of Sakha in Eastern Siberia. All of this helps make chrome diopside bracelets still fairly unique, while being considerably more affordable than other green gemstone options like emerald, tsavorite and chrome tourmaline. This means that affordable chrome diopside bracelets will have you looking your best without paying a fortune.

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