Amethyst Bracelets

Amethyst Bracelets

You don't have to have been born in February to enjoy amethyst bracelets! Transparent pastel roses to deep purples and violets pair with this gemstone.

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Let purple reign with a stunning amethyst bracelet from JTV. Whether you're looking for an affordable amethyst bangle, tennis bracelet or cuff, JTV is the right place to shop for bracelets.

Amethyst, which is considered part of the quartz group, may be February's birthstone, but that doesn't mean others can't delight in its luscious lavender hue. When you put on an amethyst bracelet, you're modeling a prized stone that not only looks beautiful but was historically associated with spirituality, faith and wisdom. The violet quartz jewel was also thought to have medicinal properties; its name from the Greek word meaning 'not drunken,' because the jewel was believed to prevent intoxication. Cheers to that!

Once valued on the same level as rubies and emeralds, amethyst is a more varied jewel than you may think. Depending on origin, a stone can take a wide variety of shades. African gemstones, for example, are said to display some of the most intense purples, with a richness that can be intoxicating. Amethyst bracelets that use stones from Uruguay can even display flashes of red amid their velvety sheen, a trait that has made the small South American country among the world's premier amethyst sources.

Amethyst bracelets are most often paired with white gold or sterling silver settings. But JTV also offers a few select yellow gold, rose gold and copper settings. JTV also offers extensive selections of amethyst rings and amethyst necklaces.

Whatever look you're after, the common theme of all the amethyst bracelets on JTV is refinement and affordability.