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Birthstones by Month

The concept of birthstones has a long and fascinating history that stretches back to biblical times. In the book of Exodus, the Breastplate of Aaron is described as containing 12 gemstones. Each of those 12 gemstones was associated with one of the 12 tribes of Israel. But how did the concept change from a representation of ancient tribes to the modern concept of birthstones organized by month? To answer that question, scholars regard the work of Flavius Joseph from the 1st century CE and St. Jerome from the 5th century CE. They proposed that each of the gemstones from the Breastplate of Aaron corresponded to one of the signs of the zodiac. This added an element of time to the equation. The modern incarnation of organizing birthstone by month was not formally established until 1912 by the national Association of Jewelers. Minor revisions have occurred since then, but the tradition has remained largely unchanged since.

Birthstone jewelry is a great way to celebrate not only birthdays, but also any other significant milestone in a loved one's life. By tailoring your gift to a person's birthstone, you demonstrate an extra level of care and consideration for that individual that they are sure to appreciate. Mark you anniversary with a pair of birthstone earrings for your partner. Celebrate your daughter's graduation with a birthstone pendant. Congratulate your dear friend with a birthstone ring for her retirement. The extra attention to detail is sure to be noticed!

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